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An acupuncturist or acupuncture therapist is a qualified practitioner who provides acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture is a form of treatment which was originated in China wherein needles are used instead of tablets or capsules to alleviate body pain.
An acupuncturist identifies the acupuncture points on the body and then gently places the needles at those points. The needles placed on the body are extremely fine and cause very little or no pain at all. The best Acupuncture doctors are highly specialized in the field and provide suitable treatment to the patients.

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How does Acupuncture work?

A hypothesis states that acupuncture works through the neuro-hormonal pathways. When the needles are inserted at specific body points, the nerves are stimulated. These nerves send signals to the brain which lead to the release of neural hormones. These hormones make patients feel calm and happy and also increase the ability of a person to bear the pain.
Another hypothesis states that acupuncture works by reducing pro-inflammatory markers, or proteins in the body responsible for inducing pain and inflammation. This reduces inflammation and decreases pain.

What are the different types of acupuncture treatments available near you?


In this technique, the acupuncturist uses an indirect heat from a therapeutic herb known as moxa. This form of acupuncture also involves use of heat lamps to warm or even relax the muscles of the body.


In this technique, glass cups are used instead of needles. These cups create a vacuum when placed on the affected area and stimulate the flow of blood. This helps to alleviate pain in the patients.


In this technique, electric current bearing frequency of approximately 1Hz is applied to the needle in order to increase the flow of blood and relax the muscle tissues.

Auricular acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture involves the use of acupuncture points which are located at the ear. The process is also known as Auriculotherapy. This method is nothing but another form of acupuncture treatment based on the idea that the outer portion of the human ear is reflective of the entire body.

Trigger point acupuncture

Trigger points are lumps of pain focused specifically on tight muscle tissues, which remain persistent and are tough to be treated. Trigger point acupuncture is a technique practised by physiotherapists and osteopaths to treat all kinds of muscular and skeletal pains. Acupuncture therapy is particularly useful for patients who experience serious muscle and joint pain that has resulted from repetitive stress and strain.


Tuina is a specific type of Chinese therapeutic massage which is used to relieve muscle tension as well as stimulate various acupressure points on the body. The stimulation of nerve impulses leads to release of hormones that help the patients to bear the pain and relax.

Medical acupuncture

The technique is practised by physiotherapists, osteopaths as well as acupuncture doctors. This technique involves the use of basic needling techniques to relieve symptoms that result in pain and specifically headache.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Following are the benefits of undergoing an acupuncture treatment -

Improves chronic pain

The technique is very effective in treating chronic pain and conditions related to back pain. In addition to this, the treatment can also treat conditions such as arthritis, shoulder pain, neck pain and headache.

Helps in the treatment of insomnia

Acupuncture can help to treat and relieve insomnia. It can help to induce sleep in patients suffering from sleeping disorders. The patients who are on regular medications for insomnia must try acupuncture to boost the effectiveness of their ongoing medication. The therapy does not have any side effects.

Reduces stress

Acupuncture involves the use needles to stimulate the nerves of the body.  This stimulation further leads to the release of hormones that are responsible for reducing stress and anxiety. Undergoing regular acupuncture therapy sessions can help the patients to reduce their stress levels and see significant improvement in their conditions.

How to find the best acupuncturist near you?

Make use of Google –

A person may simply type “acupuncturist near me” or “acupuncture doctors near me” in Google search and several results will appear on the screen. The person may choose from an elaborate list of acupuncture doctors that appears on the screen and may even check their rating for more clarity. Also, the links to the websites of the doctors are displayed which makes it easy for people to read about their experience and expertise.

Consider using online platforms –

Online portal such as docprime make it very easy for the users to find an acupuncturist near them. The user just needs to enter the enquiry in the website’s search box and various results will appear depending upon the location that is selected. The user may opt to visit the profile of the doctor and read about his/her qualification, expertise and experience. Also, if the user wishes to book an appointment that could also be done in a few clicks.

Take referrals from friends and relatives –

To begin the search, people may start requesting for referrals from their relatives, family doctor and close ones. If anyone from their family has been to an acupuncturist and has observed improvement in the patient’s condition, it is wise to go and consult the expert. Consulting a doctor that has been referred by a family member offers a sense of trust.

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Advantages of using docprime –

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