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Marfan Syndrome | Causes, Treatment, Tests & Vaccines

Tissues are the building blocks of our bodies. They form the organs and body parts. There are four kinds of tissues in the body which are: connective, epithelial, nervous and muscle. It is the connective tissue which gets affected by the Marfan syndrome. It is an inherited disease. The main function of the connective tissues is to provide support, strength and elasticity to the most important parts of the human body like the heart, blood vessels and cartilage.In Marfan syndrome, the chemical composition of the connective tissues is affected and becomes abnormal. This leads to their improper functioning and they

Diverticulitis | Causes, Treatment, Tests & Vaccines

The world gets accustomed to various things over years, and this is very much true in case of the diseases. Diverticulitis is often heard these days, but if someone had uttered this a few decades back, it would have been considered a rare form of the disease. This disease is an inflammation of the diverticula. These are nothing but small pouches that are found around the intestinal walls. These pouches develop due to various reasons. They are not malicious when these pouches begin to develop. This stage of the pouch formation is called diverticulosis. Diverticulitis is the serious condition, where

Peptic Ulcer | Causes, Treatment, Tests & Vaccines

When the lining of the lower oesophagus, small intestine, or stomach develops open pores it is called peptic ulcer. It usually forms due to inflammation caused by erosion of stomach acids. It differs from erosion due to its deeper extension into the lining and stimulates the inflammatory reaction more from the tissues involved. There are several symptoms that you may observe, such as:- pain in the upper abdomen, which will give you dull, sharp or hunger-like feeling- heartburn, or acid reflux- feeling discomfortIt is a fairly common health problem but can lead to internal bleeding if left untreated. This may

Chalazion | Causes, Treatment, Tests & Vaccines

The eyelids sometimes develop small lumps due to blockage in the oil glands and this condition is referred to as Chalazion. It can usually develop on any region of the eyelid and it is not a serious condition. In most cases, there is even no need for any treatment and the problem will resolve on its own within few days. It is also not painful unlike the other forms of eye infections and you will not face too much inconvenience due to this condition. It is observed that people suffering from stye in the past can easily develop this condition

Jaundice Symptoms | Jaundice Symptoms in Infants, Children & Adults

It is defined as a condition which occurs because of excess of bilirubin (2.5-3 mg/dL i.e. milligrams per deciliter) in the blood. Bilirubin is a by-product produced because of natural breakdown of the red blood cells in the liver. Usually, liver gets rid of old red blood cells and bilirubin is excreted in the form of bile. However, if bilirubin is not excreted properly it may result in jaundice.Bilirubin is yellow pigment and excess of it in the blood causes discoloration of skin, whites of eyes, mucous membrane urine and stoolsJaundice is not a disease but a sign of underlying

Haemorrhage | Causes, Treatment, Tests & Vaccines

It is normal for people to bleed when they get injured. This can happen when you are injured in an accident or get hurt due to other factors. However, bleeding can not only happen externally as everyone knows and it can also bleed internally without showing any symptoms outside. This situation of uncontrolled bleeding leads to Hemorrhage and it can create a lot of health complications when proper treatment is not provided to stop the bleeding. The detection of internal haemorrhage itself is a huge task when symptoms are not obvious. Many injuries do not show external signs even though

Alzheimer | Causes, Treatment, Tests & Vaccines

A damaging brain disease of unknown cause it is one of the common parts of dementia that usually initiate in the old age. It is one of the damaging diseases that can cause progressive memory loss, impaired thinking and changes in the personality as well. Alzheimer is one of the dangerous things that is marked by histologically especially in the development of the brain. Most of the disease has a cure, but Alzheimer doesn’t have any cure till the death. Symptoms in the body occur slowly and after some time become worse. And it becomes extremely dangerous to interfere with

Carcinoma | Causes, Treatment, Tests & Vaccines

Carcinoma has been defined as the most common type of cancer. It starts in the tissue that lines the internal organs, such as kidneys and liver, or epithelial tissue of the skin. The symptoms of this disease can be seen confined to the primary location, or spreading to other parts of the body. Carcinoma in stage 1 is an early stage of cancer that stays confined to the layer of tissue from which it began and has not yet spread to tissues in the surrounding or other body parts. There are some common types of carcinoma that can appear in

HIV and AIDS: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, abbreviated as AIDS is a chronic disease that can lead to life-threatening conditions. This chronic disease is caused by human immunodeficiency virus, popularly known as the HIV virus.HIV impairs the human body’s immune system affecting its strength to fight different viruses, bacteria or germs that lead to different diseases. HIV is amongst some of the most dangerous STIs (Sexually transferable infections). In addition, the virus also spreads with blood contact. Furthermore, the HIV could be passed on from mothers to newborn babies while breastfeeding or during pregnancy.HIV takes several years to develop into AIDS. Doctors and researchers

Brain Stroke | Causes, Treatment, Tests & Vaccines

A brain stroke can occur due to the reduced or interrupted blood supply to the brain. This reduced or interrupted blood supply deprives brain tissue of nutrients and oxygen. Due to this, brain cells start to die within minutes. It is a medical emergency that requires prompt treatment otherwise it can lead to serious complications. It is important to admit the patient on time to minimise damage to the brain and complications that can occur. Early diagnosis and treatment of strokes required to reduce the damage to the brain. You can get the treatment for strokes and it is possible


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