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Skinlite Cream | Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Skinlite cream is a medical cream which is used to treat skin diseases. Let’s take a look at the kinds of diseases that it can cure or act against:- Acne- Melasma- Acne Vulgaris- Age Spots- Scalp Dermatitis- Skin Trauma- Skin allergies- WrinklesThe Skinlite cream consist of three kinds of ingredients namely; hydroquinone topical, mometastone topical and tretinoin topical.The Skinlite cream is one of the most widely used medical creams in the India. With some great compositions involved in the manufacture of the cream, the Skinlite cream turns out to the most effective in fighting several kinds of diseases such as

Lonazep Tablet | Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Price & Dosages

Lonazep is an anxiolytic and an anti-convulsant medication which belongs to the benzodiazepine group of sedatives. It is used for the management of epilepsy, seizures, managing the coordination and movement disorder akasthesia, panic disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, certain phobic reactions and insomnia. It is also used for psychiatric disorders that underlay anxiety neurosis and against convulsions of different causation as well.Lonazep is manufactured in India by the Sun Pharmaceutical Company.Lonazep contains Clonazepam which is a benzodiazepine variant. It functions by manipulating the signalling and reception of neurotransmitters in the area of the brain to arrest seizures and also to alleviate

Crocin Advance Tablet | Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Dosages & Price

Crocin advance is used for treating cold, headache, fever, ear pain, tooth ache, flu and other conditions.Crocin advance contains Alginic acid, Calcium carbonate and Paracetamol. This medicine comes under the category of analgesic and antipyretic medicines.Crocin is used to prevent, treatment, control, and improve the following symptoms, conditions and diseases:Allergic reactions: It can cause spots on the skin, rashes, itching and hives.Anaemia: Crocin tablet can cause symptoms caused by Anaemia.Fatigue: It can cause weakness and fatigue accompanied with twitching and pain in muscles.Fever: It can cause mild fever without chills.Nausea: It might cause vomiting sensation.Renal problems: The use of Crocin

Diclomol Tablet | Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Diclomol is an anti-inflammatory drug that does not fall under the category of steroids. Diclomol is a painkiller that is non-steroid. It is a combination medicine that it is used to treat pain and inflammation associated with various disorders and conditions. It is also used to treat menstrual cramps. Diclomol is manufactured by Win-Medicare Private Limited.Diclomol contains two active ingredients namely Diclofenac and Paracetamol or Acetaminophen. The strength of these components varies according to the strength of the tablet.The following is the composition for Diclomol 50mg tablet:- Diclofenac Sodium- 50mg- Paracetamol- 500mgDiclomol is mainly used as a pain relieving agent.

Myoril Capsule | Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Myoril belongs to the Thiocolchicoside group of drugs. It works by relaxing the muscles and reliving pain. It is used in treating any kind of muscle (skeletal) disorder associated with stiffness, pain and convulsions. This medicine is manufactured by pharmaceutical company, Sanofi Aventis. The action of this medicine remains concentrated in areas, such as, the brain and the spinal cord, to render the muscles more flexible without demoting its strength. This medicine is orally administered and swallowed with water. It comes in various dosage units (4 mg, 8 mg, 16 mg etc.).Thiocolchicoside is the primary salt present in this medicine.-

Doxofylline | Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Doxofylline is an oral bronchodilator and is used to treat various lung diseases. Doxofylline relaxes the smooth muscles of the air pathway up that leads to the lungs and leads to the helps in smooth functioning. Due to this activity, it is a potent bronchodilator drug. It is used to treat lung disorders and diseases and helps in the maintenance of a smooth respiratory process.Doxofylline is sold in the form of round tablets that are small in size and white in colour. The active ingredient in the drug is the compound Doxofylline that is a Xanthine derivative. The chemical formula

Lulifin 1 % Cream | Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Price & Dosages

Lulifin cream is an antifungal ointment which is used for applying on the affected part of the body which implies that it is a topical medicine exclusively used in the cases of external infections. Hence, it is not usable for ophthalmic of eye infection or oral and intravaginal infections.Its active component is an azole antifungal and it is commonly prescribed for infections caused by a group of 40 different species of fungi labeled dermatophytes.Lulifin is prescribed against the fungi which is known to colonize only the keratinous parts of the body, hence the infections of the skin, hair and nails

Stemetil Tablet | Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Stemetil tablet is prescribed for the treatment as well as prevention of several psychotic issues that patients may experience. It is a relatively strong drug due to its ability to alter neurochemical compositions and the extreme effects it has the potential to exhibit. It is only prescribed when other options fail, and the dosage is controlled and carefully monitored.Nature: antipsychotic medicineUses: Schizophrenia, Anxiety, nausea, vomitingComposition: Prochlorperazine maleateSide effects: Menstrual problems, sexual impotence, confusion, drowsinessPrecautions: Not to be taken during pregnancy, unfit for lactating mothers, not safe with alcoholStemetil tablet is beneficial for dealing with several symptoms that are usually associated

Pantosec-D Tablet | Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Price & Dosages

Pantosec-D Tablet belongs to the dopamine antagonists group of drugs. As is the property of the drugs of this group, it controls the tendency of nausea and vomiting which relates to various gastrointestinal problems. It is also meant for the people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. This tablet is manufactured in India by Cipla.The nature and composition of Pantosec-D Tablet is quite simple. It contains only two major active ingredients:Gastric UlcerNauseaVomitingGastrin-secreting tumorSmall Intestine UlcerDiabetic GastroparesisHeartburnEsophageal Mucosal InjuryGas in abdomenRead More: Cheston Cold Uses | Metrogyl UsesThough Pantosec-D Tablet is found to be very safe for the patients, but we cannot altogether

Soframycin Cream | Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Soframycin skin cream is primarily used for treating bacterial infections which occurs in skin lesions.The major ingredient used in Soframycin skin cream is the Framycetin topical salt. The framycetin topical salt is present at a 1 percent ratio in the Soframycin cream. This however can vary depending on the kind of dosage that you buy. The salt concentration should vary accordingly.The Soframycin Skin Cream has various kinds of uses. Soframycin is mainly used to effectively prevent, control, cure and improve the symptoms and conditions of various skin diseases.Rashes on SkinItching of the skinSkin becoming too sensitiveInner ear being damagedBurning sensationsStinging


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