CD4 Absolute Count

About the test

A CD4 count test is known as a simple blood test to measure the number of CD4 cells in human blood.

Why get tested?

The test is performed to ascertain the functioning of the immune system in those people who are infected with HIV. It is also used to decide if a person undergoing treatment for HIV infection needs a change of medication or not.

This test includes

  • CD4 Absolute Count


  • The patients are advised to inform the doctor about their present health status and any on-going medical treatment.
  • The patients should also inform the doctor about any medicines or herbal products he/she has been consuming as the medicines may interfere with the test results.
  • Patients are also advised to inform the doctor about any allergies they suffer from.
  • In case the test results are inconclusive, the doctor may ask the patient to undergo other follow up tests.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol prior to undergoing the test.
  • The patients are also advised to wear loose-fitting clothes or half sleeved t-shirts so that it is easy for the lab technician to draw blood.

Frequently asked questions

Q.What do the results mean?

Normal Range: 500–1,200 cells per cubic millimeter Abnormal Range: 250–500 cells per cubic millimeter. (Weak immune system and may be infected with HIV) Abnormal: 200 or fewer cells per cubic millimeter (Indicates AIDS)

Q.What happens during a CD4 count test?

During the test a lab technician will come and take a blood sample. It will be taken from a vein in the patient’s arm by using a needle. After that, a little amount of blood is collected into a vial or test tube. A patient may feel a little pain and discomfort due to pricking of the needle.

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CD4 Absolute Count

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