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About the test

X-Ray is a simple and non- invasive test used to get a pictorial description of the various organs in and around the chest cavity such as food pipe, heart, lungs, airways, and diaphragm. It also includes evaluation of the breastbone, collarbone, ribs, shoulder blade, and nearby muscles.

In this test, a ray of ionizing radiation is passed through the patient’s body from front-to-back to produce an image of the internal chest cavity. The image is inscribed on a special x-ray film using a small aggregate of radiation. This image can only be viewed clearly in an x-ray view box.

Why get tested?

The imaging test helps in diagnosing fractures or injury of the bones present in the chest wall (including breastbone, collarbone, shoulder blade and ribs. The X-ray test is also recommended for detection of tumors, gas bubbles present between chest walls and lungs, fluids present around the heart and infections such as inflammation, food pipe infections, etc.

What it measures?

The test is helpful in detecting the various ailments pertaining to the chest cavity and surrounding structure. It helps in diagnosing the probable illnesses pertaining to the blood vessels, lungs, heart, bones and airways.

This test includes

  • X-Ray Chest - PA View


There is no specific preparation to be done before the test. However, few instructions are to be kept in mind while getting the test done. A few of these instructions are-

·         The patient may be asked to wear a loose fitted clinical gown.

·         Metal objects including any kind of jewelry should be removed before the test as it might interfere with the results.

·         Pregnant females are advised to inform the lab technician about their condition so that he can take proper precautions to minimize the exposure of the fetus to the X-rays.

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Corporate X-Ray Chest - PA View

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Corporate X-Ray Chest - PA View

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