Creatinine Clearance test

About the test

A creatinine clearance test measures the levels of creatinine in both blood and urine sample of a patient. The urine sample used is obtained from a 24-hour urine collection.

Why get tested?

The test helps to evaluate the amount of creatinine being cleared from the blood and passed into the urine. This further helps to determine the amount of blood which is being filtered by kidneys in a duration of 24 hours.

This test includes

  • Creatinine Clearance test


  • The patients are advised to inform the doctor about their present health status and any on-going medical treatment.
  • The patients should also inform the doctor about herbal products and medicines they have been consuming as the medicines may falsify the test results.
  • Patients are also advised to inform the doctor about any allergies they suffer from.
  • In case the test results are inconclusive, the doctor may ask the patient to undergo other follow up tests.
  • Patients should not smoke or drink alcohol prior to undergoing the test.
  • The patients are also advised to wear loose fitted clothes or half sleeved t-shirts so that it is easy for the lab technician to draw blood.
  • In some cases, the patients may be asked to fast overnight or avoid the consumption of cooked meat. This is because; consumption of cooked meat may increase the level of creatinine in the body.
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Creatinine Clearance test

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