CT Scan Brain

About the test

CT Brain is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses computers and rotating X-rays to produce cross-sectional images of various tissues and blood vessels present in the brain. The test is performed when conventional X-rays and other imaging techniques are inconclusive.

Why get tested?

CT Brain Scan uses special X-rays measurements to generate the axial, images of the brain. The test is useful for assessing the brain for lesions, tumours, injuries, intracranial bleeding and structural anomalies.

This test includes

  • CT Scan Brain


The test does not require any specific preparations. However, mentioned below are a few points that must be kept in mind prior to undergoing the CT Brain Scan:

  • The lab technician may ask the patient to remove the jewellery items or any other metal objects that might interfere with the image.
  • Pregnant women should inform their doctor and the lab technician as the radiations may harm the foetus.
  • Patients with pacemakers or other metal implants should inform their doctor before undergoing the test.
  • Patients with a known kidney-related ailment should inform the doctor as the coloured dye/ contrast may harm the patient.
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CT Scan Brain

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City XRay & Scan Clinic Pvt. Ltd - Naraina Vihar

CT Scan Brain

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