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For dental surgeries, cavities and other gum diseases you would need to see a dentist near you.  However, finding a good local dentist near you involves a lot of research. If you have moved to a new place. A dentist diagnoses and treats the various health problems related to teeth, gums, and other mouthparts. They will provide you with instructions to maintain your dental hygiene, flossing, brushing, and overall dental care.  With the help of DocPrime, you can connect with some of the best dentists near you.

When Should You Visit A Dentist?

Dentists play a major role in diagnosing and treating issues related to overall oral dental care, including gum care, root canals, fillings, crowns, bridges, and oral hygiene. They will give you a medical prescription and medicines to treat the issue. If need be a doctor will also perform surgery such as root canal etc. You can visit a dentist near your location for any of the following issues:

  • Toothache/Decay : A person suffering from a toothache you would need to consult a dentist and take proper treatment. Prolonged toothache can be a sign of tooth decay or an underlying condition. Tooth decay can also occur due to plaque formation. However, this condition can be prevented if you brush or floss your teeth regularly.
  • Cavity : Usually, cavities start from small but they can grow deeper if left untreated. It is suggested to visit a local dentist if you are facing any such issue. Regular dental visits can help in early detection.
  • Bad Breath : This is a common issue. And if the problem persists for longer, then it is highly recommended to take a dental appointment. There can be numerous reasons for bad breath.
  • Mouth Ulcers: They are small and painful sores that develop at the base of the gums or in your mouth. If you are facing difficulty due to these sores while drinking, eating then a dentist can help you. The treatment may involve a laser treatment or medications. They are also called canker sores.
  • Gum Disease : Gingivitis and periodontitis are two common gum diseases. For any such issue, you should see dentist near your location and he will examine your gums and perform cleaning or scaling as per your dental condition.
  • Tooth Erosion : It is a condition in which the tooth enamel is worn away by the acid. Some of the reasons involve excessive intake of tea or coffee, citric acid consumption, medications, environmental and genetic factors.
  • Tooth Sensitivity : Any pain or discomfort in the teeth then it is a sign of tooth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity or root sensitivity. Usually, the pain is caused while drinking or eating cold, hot, sweet or acidic drinks and foods.
  • Tooth Discoloration : If you feel that your teeth are stained and discolored then you must visit a local dentist. It can be caused by using excess fluoride, plaque formation, and smoking. Sometimes, tooth discoloration can be caused due to genetic factors. The dentist will examine your teeth and recommend cleaning at regular intervals. If this condition is hereditary, then its treatment is not always possible. Using veneer or dental bonding can also be helpful in some cases.
  • Chipped Tooth : If a small piece of your tooth enamel is chipped off then the doctor may treat it with a filling or bonding. If the pulp is damaged, the dentist may suggest a root canal followed by a dental crown.
  • Oral cancer : It is a fatal disease and can be formed in any part of the mouth such as tongue, lips, pharynx etc. The symptoms of mouth cancer include sores and lumps in the mouth. Smokers should regularly visit the dentist in order to identify early symptoms of the disease.

How to Find the Best Dentist Near You?

Dental care is important to maintain your overall health and well being. Good oral hygiene helps in preventing various dental conditions. you can book appointment by searching "dentist near me" on search engine or You can easily schedule an appointment with some of the best and dentists in your area through the docprime mobile application. It saves both your time and efforts. If you are not satisfied with your existing doctor, then you can always seek the second opinion. If you have dental insurance cover then you can compare and find the best dentist near you on the basis of patient’s reviews, ratings, fees charged by them and their experience.  Docprime helps in finding the best dentist in the comfort of one’s home.

Consult Top Dentist Near you on DocPrime

Consulting a local dentist online would offer you the convenience you are looking for as you don’t need to run from pillar to post or wait for your appointment. Regular online consultation to solve your routine dental issues can help you maintain your dental hygiene. However, in the case of a toothache or any gum disease, you must visit a tooth doctor for a physical examination. DocPrime is an online platform that enables the users in connecting with some of the experienced nearby dentists . You can search for "dentist near me" and  look for a dentist along with their specializations. Docprime helps you to find a dentist near you and connect with some of the best dentists online. This platform gives you quality dentistry at fair prices. You can find some of the best deals online, get the right treatment and save your hard-earned money.

Last updated on : 18-04-2019