Etoshine MR Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Price & Dosages

Etoshine MR Tablet is a combination of two drugs, Etoricoxib and Thiocolchicoside. The pharmacological efficacy of the anti-inflammatory agent Etoricoxib is enhanced by the addition of a muscle relaxant, Thiocolchicoside. Etoshine MR is prescribed for the treatment of a wide range of inflammatory disorders and diseases to relieve pain, swelling or spasm.

Uses and Benefits of Etoshine MR:

Etoshine MR Tablet can be used to treat a number of local and systemic inflammatory disorders. It is mainly used for the treatment of -

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis - A chronic autoimmune disorder which primarily affects the joints. The affected joints become swollen and painful with the onset of the condition.  They stiffen and and lose the tendency to move in the later course of the disease. Medications to relieve the pain and swelling are commonly used of which NSAIDs like Etoshine MR play a dominant role.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis - It is a chronic autoimmune disorder affecting the joints of the axial skeleton which includes the spine and the pelvis. The disease commonly affects young adults with gradual systemic inflammation over the span of many years. Medications aimed to relieve pain such as NSAIDs are commonly used to control pain and swelling and to increase the range of motion in the affected joints.
  • Osteoarthritis - It’s a degenerative disorder which initially affects and erodes the cartilaginous portion of joints. Later, the disease progresses to involve the bones resulting in joint pain and muscle stiffness. NSAIDs with their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are used frequently to bring down pain and swelling and increase the quality of life.
  • Gout - Gout is an inflammatory arthritic disease affecting joints causing recurrent attacks of pain, swelling and stiffness. During the acute phase, NSAIDs are used to control the inflammation. Due to the anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and analgesic properties of the powerful combination of Etoricoxib and Thiocolchicoside, the drug can be prescribed in all conditions causing joint pain, joint swelling, joint stiffness, muscle pain, muscle swelling, muscle stiffness, dental pain, pain due to minor trauma and various other orthopedic conditions.

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Side Effects of Etoshine MR:

Most of the side-effects of Etoricoxib and Thiocolchicoside are minor and do not cause much inconvenience. Different individuals react differently to the combination drug and hence side-effects may vary from person to person. A doctor should be consulted if side-effects appear to be recurring. The following are the possible side-effects of using Etoshine MR:

The list is not conclusive and may include other possible side-effects for which a doctor should be consulted.

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Common Dosage of Etoshine MR:

Etoshine MR Tablet is usually prescribed to be taken once every day. The dosage may vary from patient to patient depending upon their condition and age. The doctor may modify the dosage pattern depending upon the patient’s pace of recovery.

  • Missed Dose – In case a dose is skipped, patients must take it as soon they remember about it. However, if it is already the time for the next dose, it is better to skip the last dose. Taking two doses at very short intervals may lead to severe side effects. If a person regularly forgets to take Etoshine MR on time, an alarm can be set as a reminder.
  • Overdose – Taking more than the prescribed dose of Etoshine MR may do more harm than good to the body.  More concentration of medicine in the body may lead to drug toxicity and aggravate the side effects. In case a patient notices some of the side effects, the doctor must be consulted without a delay.

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Composition & Nature of Etoshine MR:

Etoshine MR is a medicine with both anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxant properties. Each film-coated tablet of Etoshine MR contains 60 mg of Etoricoxib and 4 mg of Thiocolchicoside as active ingredients.

Etoricoxib is a Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and a new selective Cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 inhibitor. The muscle relaxant Thiocolchicoside is a competitive antagonist (a substance which inhibits the action of others) of GABA receptor pathway and an antagonist of the glycine receptor pathway.

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How to use Etoshine MR?

  • Etoshine MR must be consumed in dose and duration prescribed by the doctor.
  • Etoshine MR Tablets must be swallowed whole.
  • Etoshine MR must not be chewed, crushed or broken before consumption.
  • Etoshine MR must be taken at fixed time and regular intervals.

How Etoshine MR works?

Mechanism of Action of Etoricoxib

Etoricoxib is a selective inhibitor of isoform 2 of cyclooxygenase (COX-2) enzyme. The enzyme inhibits the release of prostaglandins, the chemical compounds which instigate inflammation and pain in the affected areas. The prohibition of the synthesis of COX-2 enzyme gives the medicine its anti-inflammatory effects.

Being a selective inhibitor, Etoricoxib does not affect the gastrointestinal system like other non-selective inhibitors. This results in lesser gastrointestinal discomfort and better patient compliance. The selective action also reduces the antiplatelet action of Etoshine MR and patients do not suffer from an increased risk of bleeding.

Mechanism of Action of Thiocolchicoside

The active ingredient Thiocolchicoside is a competitive antagonist of GABA receptor pathway and an antagonist of the glycine receptor pathway. These pathways are the major central nervous system networks involved in inhibitory functions.

When Thiocolchicoside blocks the receptor pathways, there is an excess of GABA and glycine in the body. This surplus concentration of GABA and glycine in the body results in muscle relaxation. Thiocolchicoside does not produce sedation as much as the other GABA mimetic drugs.

Warnings/Precautions- When to avoid Etoshine MR Tablet?

  • Though Etoshine MR Tablet is relatively a safe drug to consume, it is essential to inform the doctor about previous/ongoing medications, allergic reactions to any Etoshine MR component, any alternative medicine therapy being taken in present or were taken in the past.
  • Sharing all the details with the doctor is important, as some health conditions may make the patient more susceptible to certain side-effects of Etoshine MR.
  • Etoshine MR should be taken as directed by a medical practitioner to avoid any complications and side effects.
  • Any attempt to deviate from the dosage schedule should be informed to the doctor. Likewise, if the ailment worsens or if side effects interfere with normal daily functioning, it should be reported to the doctor.

The following precautions must also be kept in mind while on Etoshine MR -

  • Avoid driving during the night or driving long distances
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid taking alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid operating heavy machinery
  • Patients with liver disease may avoid its consumption
  • Must be avoided by patients with severe kidney diseases
  • Avoid during pregnancy and lactation due to possible teratogenic effects
  • Must be avoided by patients above 65 years of age
  • Avoid taking the Etoshine MR along with other CNS depressants
  • If there is an increased risk of heart attack or stroke - consult a doctor
  • Avoid taking the Etoshine MR for longer periods than prescribed
  • Consult a doctor if severe allergic symptoms or increased blood pressure or bleeding problems arise on continued use
  • Avoid drugs or food that may cause gastritis or ulcer formation

Rush to the emergency unit if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden severe rashes throughout the body
  • Sudden breathlessness or inability to breathe
  • Constant bleeding that doesn’t stop within a few minutes
  • Sudden severe upper abdominal burning or pain or a tense abdomen
  • Uncontrolled vomiting
  • Uncontrolled diarrhea
  • Sudden severe headache not relieved by medications

Substitutes for Etoshine MR:

  • Nucoxia MR Tablet manufactured by Zydus Cadila
  • Ezact MR Tablet manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
  • Etos MR Tablet manufactured by Systopic Laboratories Pvt Ltd
  • Retoz-MR 4 Tablet manufactured by Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd
  • Brutaflam-MR 4 Tablet manufactured by Mankind Pharma Ltd
  • Ebov MR 4 Tablet manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Etrik MR Tablet manufactured by Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • E-Tolagin 4 Tablet manufactured by Pharmed Ltd
  • Etoxib MR Table manufactured by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Etosaid MR Tablet manufactured by Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
  • Ect Plus Tablet manufactured by Icon Life Sciences
  • Thioquest ET 4 Tablet manufactured by Alchem Phytoceuticals Ltd
  • Etofine MR 60mg/4mg Capsule manufactured by Pharmanova India Drugs Pvt Ltd
  • Etonow-MR Tablet manufactured by Grandcure Healthcare Pvt Ltd
  • Witori MR Tablet manufactured by Delcure Life Sciences

How to Store Etoshine MR Tablet?

  • Etoshine MR must be kept at the room temperature, away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Do not freeze Etoshine MR unless mentioned on the package insert.
  • Etoshine MR must be kept away from the reach of pets and children.
  • Do not flush Etoshine MR down the toilet or pour it into the sink for disposal.

Etoshine MR Price in India

Etoshine MR Tablet ₹19 per Tablet

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1) What is the Etoshine MR used to treat?

Ans: Etoshine MR Tablet is used to relieve muscle spasms and reduce inflammation in various medical conditions.

2) What is the Etoshine MR Tablet used for?

Ans: Etoshine MR Tablet is used to provide relief from muscle stiffness in the spine, pain in the joint and muscles, swelling in the joints, muscle stiffness caused due to nerve diseases etc.

3) What are the side effects of Etoshine MR Tablet?

Ans: Some of the side effects associated with the consumption of Etoshine MR are; fever, weight gain, fluid retention, swelling of legs, allergic symptoms, depression, swelling of the face, breathlessness, rashes, sleep disturbances, swelling of hands, dizziness, light-headedness.

4.) Can I use Etoshine MR Tablet for back pain?

Ans: Etoshine MR is used to treat muscle pain, Swelling. as well as medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis etc.

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