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Eye specialists are medical experts who specialize in the field of eye and vision care. They can treat problems related to eyes with the help of optical, surgical and medical care. There are mainly three types of eye specialist; optician, optometrists, and ophthalmologists. Eye specialist has professional knowledge about eye care; however, they are experts in treating different parts of the eyes. One should go to the concerned specialist as per the medical condition.

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What does eye specialist treat?

Eye specialist treats different kinds of eye problem. The treatments are minor as well as major as per the medical condition of the patient. Some of the eye problems require care and attention of specialists. People should go for an eye check-up at regular intervals. Some of the conditions that eye specialist treats are:

  1. Eye strain : These problems arise among people who read or work on the computer for long hours. If a person has eye strain then he/she should consult the best eye specialist. An online appointment can be easily made from
  2. Red eyes: It happens when the blood vessels of eye expand which leads to irritation and infection. It makes the eye red. Some of the common causes of red eyes are lack of sleep or an infection in the eye. People should go for an eye-check up from a top eye specialist.
  3. Night blindness: Eye specialist also treats night blindness. It is a problem in which a person is unable to see at night. Some of the main causes of night blindness are a deficiency of Vitamin A, cataract and keratoconus.
  4. Colour blindness: It is an eye disorder in which a patient is unable to see a few colours or is unable to tell the difference. Eye care specialists treat such patients by providing glass or special contact lens.
  5. Uveitis: It is an eye disorder that causes inflammation of uvea; the middle layer of the eye. It is the part of the eye that contains most number of blood vessels.
  6. Myopia (Short-sightedness): It is an eye disorder in which people can see close objects but are unable to see things that are far.
  7. Hypermetropia (long-sightedness): It is an eye disorder in which people can see distant objects but are unable to see things that are close. Book an appointment with top eye specialist easily from
  8. Cataracts : It is a problem in which cloudy areas develop in the eye. Though it doesn’t have any symptoms like tearing in the eyes, redness or pain but still if it progresses, it can affect the vision.
  9. Conjunctivitis (Pinkeye): It is a condition in which a patient has irritation and inflammation in the eyes. Some of the main causes are viral infections, bacteria or allergy. People should stop wearing contact lenses as it may lead to symptoms like redness, itchiness, and tearing of the eyes.
  10. Corneal disease : It is a condition in which the proper functioning of the cornea stops. Infection in the cornea may lead to symptoms like redness, itchiness, and pain in the eye. One should immediately consult a good eye specialist nearby their place.

How to Find the Best Eye specialist Near You?

People can easily find best eye specialist through the internet. The best way to do get in touch with top specialists is by booking an appointment from docprime website or application. People can connect with the best eye specialist from the portal in just a few minutes. Patients can also schedule the appointments as per their availability. With online chat consultation, people can get the best health care services. From profile management to appointment, one can get it done from the comfort of their home. Docprime is a top rated healthcare service provider in the country when it comes to booking appointments and online consultation.

  • One can also get in touch with the family general physician to know about the top eye specialist in the city. They have the idea about the medical history of the patient and they can also help to get in touch with a good eye specialist.
  • People with medical insurance, can also consult their insurance providers as they can recommend the best eye specialist associated with them.
  • If in case an individual is still unable to find the top eye specialist then he/she can get in touch with a friend or family who has consulted one in past.
  • The easy and simple way  is to find the best specialist from

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