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Figaro Olive Oil: Uses, Side Effects and Dosage

Olive oil is a mixture of various fatty acids, apart from oleic acid and palmitic acid, and also contains squalene and sterols. The composition of each of these constituents varies depending on different factors like region cultivated, altitude, harvest time and means of extraction.

Extra virgin olive oil also contains various phenolic, which are responsible for its bitter and pungent taste, and its aroma. In short, it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. 100ml of olive oil contains 800 kcal of energy and 93.3 g of fat (13.33 g is saturated and 66.6 g is monosaturated). It also does not contain any protein or carbohydrate.


Uses and Benefits of Figaro Olive Oil:

Olive oil can be used to cook different varieties of food, and is the primary source of fat in the Mediterranean diet. If cooked at low temperatures, it is absolutely great for health, and helps reduce body fat and lower any bad cholesterol. What makes it so safe and edible is the fact that it is light in texture and it is easy to digest. 

Some benefits of using Figaro Olive Oil for cooking are:

  • Regular consumption makes it less likely that the person will contract cardiovascular diseases, which includes hypertension (high BP), hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol in blood and triglyceride levels) and strokes.
  • Inflammation, endothelial dysfunction (issues relating to the inner linings of blood vessels), thrombosis, and carbohydrate metabolism are also kept at arm’s length.
  • Trans fats (commonly used in fast foods) can contribute to depression, while olive oil has been proved to marginally keep away this disease.
  • Researches have proved that olive oil can prevent breast cancer.
  • Helps maintain normal levels of cholesterol.
  • Extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal, a natural phenolic compound which can keep away the abnormal and damaging Alzheimer's disease proteins out of the brain.
  • Olive oil also prevents from acute pancreatitis (sudden inflammation of the pancreas).
  • Extra virgin olive oil also keeps the liver safe from oxidative stress, a kind of cell damage due to chemical reaction amidst molecules and free radicals in the body.
  • Olive oil may also help keep away ulcerative colitis, which causes inflammation of the large intestine, or colon.

Olive oil can also help keep ones hair healthy, and some of the benefits are:

It facilitates proper hair growth: Massaging a heated mixture of Figaro Olive Oil with coconut oil onto the scalp ensures that the next morning hair becomes soft, gets a shiny texture and stays knot free.

Fights off dandruff: Applying the above mentioned mixture to the scalp also keeps it dryness-free, which reduce dandruff.

Ensures less hair damage: Washing hair after applying olive oil on it also helps keep it soft and silky.

Prevents loss of hair: Mixing Figaro Olive Oil, honey and curd, applying this on ones scalp, letting it dry for 30 minutes and then washing this off can help keep hair loss at a minimum.

Another use of Figaro Olive Oil is on the skin, and results have been nothing but positive.

  • Figaro Olive Oil can be used as one of the ingredients to create an effective face mask, which keeps the face sharp and fresh.
  • Massaging it on the face also helps the face look younger.
  • Sleeping overnight with a small dose of Figaro Olive Oil on ones face can keep away acne and pimples.


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Side Effects of Figaro Olive Oil:

Olive oil is not all perfection, and can still lead to some side effects like:

  • Allergies
  • Skin rashes
  • Blackheads
  • Gallbladder stones/blockage
  • Diarrhea
  • Unsafe for baby’s skin


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Figaro Olive Oil Dosage:

Use in small quantities while applying on hair or face, and use judiciously when cooking food with it


How Figaro Olive Oil works?

With its numerous health benefits, one really just has to ensure they know what they want out of this product and use accordingly.


Precautions and Warnings Related To Figaro Olive Oil:

It is better to use this with other ingredients when using on face as it is not extra virgin olive oil, while it should also not be applied in too large quantities on the hair.


Substitutes of Figaro Olive Oil:

  • Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil
  • Borges Olive Oil
  • Oleev Extra Virgin Oil
  • Disano Olive Oil
  • Bertolli Classico Olive Oil
  • Oleiva Gold Olive Oil


Figaro Olive Oil Interactions:

Olive oil can be used with curd, coconut oil, gram flour, honey, and sugar and rice flour.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


1) Will this brand help my dry limp hair?

Ans: It is to be remembered that each hair type is different and that Figaro Olive Oil might help make better one person’s hair but may not have the same positive results on another person’s hair.


2) Can I use this oil on my body as well?

Ans: It is not an extra virgin olive oil, so please use it with care as it is not safe if used right out of the bottle, especially for the face.


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Last updated on : 17-01-2019
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