FLI Medication: Uses, Side Effects and Dosage

Fli eye drop is used to treat eye inflammation, redness of the eye or pain in the eye. The drop is used to treat the steroid responsive inflammatory diseases as well as in case one faces any discomfort in the inner or the outer surface of the eye.

FLI Medication Composition and Nature:

Fli drips contain Fluorometholone which is 0.01% W/V. The drop works by suppressing inflammation.

FLI Medication Uses:

The Fli drops are used to treat, control, prevent or improve steroid responsive anti-inflammatory conditions of the eye. It can also be used to treat inflammation of the eye.

FLI Medication Side Effects:

Fli could cause increase in the intraocular pressure. There could be some side effects too. In such a case you would have to see a doctor immediately. The other conditions that could develop are an imbalance in electrolyte, redistribution or accumulation of fat, degradation of bone, risk of having infection, disorder in muscles, increase in blood pressure, bone growth could get altered, could cause scar in the skin, could cause dilation of the eye pupil or may also cause some behavioural changes, cataract or increase in the glucose level in the blood.

There are possible side effects that could happen when Fli drops are used. The side effects may not occur in most cases but you need to be aware of them when using the Fli drops. The other side effects could be glaucoma with damage in the optic nerve, any visual acuity and field defect, a secondary ocular infection, perforation of the globe or dysgeusia.

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FLI Medication Dosage:

The Fli drops can be used for external use only. Make sure that you take the dosage as recommended by the doctor. Also make sure that you check the label that has all the directions of how to use Fli drops. Take the dropper close to your eye to put the medicine but ensure that it does not touch your eye. Squeeze the liquid in the lower eyelid or the ear and wipe off anything that is extra. The usual dose recommended to adults is 0.1% or 1 drop into each eye. At least repeat it four times in a day and in case you miss the dose do not club it to two doses at one go.

How FLI Medication Works?

The Fli drops are an anti-inflammatory tropical steroid. It stops the release of some natural substances in the eye that is the cause of inflammation and pain. It helps to reduce swelling and redness.

Related Warnings and Precautions

Take these precautions and warnings carefully when you use the Fli drops:

  • Make sure that you do not skip any dose even if you feel like the condition is better
  • Do not use the drops more than the duration that you have been prescribed
  • Take the next medication only after5-10 minutes of taking the last one in the same eye. This avoids dilution
  • If you feel sensation for more than 1-2 minutes then let the doctor know
  • Do not use the bottle 4 weeks after opening it
  • Let your doctor know about any medication that you are on before starting the dose. This could also include any over the counter mediation that you may be taking
  • Any pre-existing disease, allergy or pregnancy or a health condition should be told to your doctor
  • Follow the dosage as given by your doctor
  • Check your intraocular pressure frequently
  • Make sure to remove your contact lens when the drops are installed and it can be used 15 minutes after
  • Take care that the dropper tip is not contaminated
  • Do not drive after the drops are instilled
  • The drop is used for an ophthalmic use only

FLI Medication Substitutes:

Ask the doctor for any substitutes of the Fli eye drops

FLI Medication Interactions:

If you are on any drugs or any over the counter mediation then the effects the Fli drop could be changed. It could increase the risk of the medication not working properly. Make sure that your doctor knows about all medications that you are on. These also include any herbal medication. This will let the doctor prescribe the Fli drops accordingly.

FLI Medication FAQs Answered:

1) Is it safe to use Fli drops when pregnant?

Ans: No. Fli drops should not be taken during pregnancy

2) Can Fli drops be taken when breastfeeding?

Ans: There could be some risks involved and so it is best to consult the doctor

3) How to store the Fli drops?

Ans: Store the drops in a cool and dry place at room temperature and it should be away from the light and heat. If the package does not want you to freeze the medication then do not do so.

4) What if I consume an expired dose of the Fli drops?

Ans: By chance if you had a single drop of an expired bottle then this should not be a cause of worry. An expired drug becomes ineffective to treat the condition. Make sure that you let the doctor know that you had the expired medicine.

5) Are Fli drops useful to treat the steroid responsive inflammatory eye conditions?

Ans: Yes the Fli drops treat the inflammation and conditions of the eyes of both the inner and the outer eye surface. However make sure to consult your doctor first before use.

6) Should the Fli drops be consumed before or after food?

Ans: You can consume the Fli drops anytime but make sure that you follow the advice of your doctor on how to use the medication.

7) Can you drive heavy machinery after you use Fli?

Ans: If you experience any kind of dizziness or drowsiness then it is unsafe to drive any heavy machinery after consuming Fli drops.

8) Could consumption of this medicine make one addictive to it?

Ans: Most of the medication does not cause any addiction. However consult your doctor to check for the same.

9) Can I stop taking the medication immediately or do I need to wean off slowly?

Ans: Your doctor will be able to advice you on when and how to stop the medication and if it can be stopped abruptly. This is dependent on your health and body and also on any other medication that you may be on.

10) What happens if there is an overdose of Fli drop?

Ans: Make sure that you do not consume more than what is prescribed. In case of an overdose go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital immediately

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