GFR With Cystatin C

About the test

Glomerular filtration rate is the full form GFR. The test is prescribed to get an accurate degree of the kidney functioning. The test measures the level of waste product in the blood, which should ideally be filtered by the kidneys. The level of waste products present in the blood is measured by the means of this test. Cystatin C levels in the blood are the most reliable determinants for monitoring and detecting the progression of an existing kidney related ailment.

Why get tested?

The test is conducted to evaluate the functioning of the kidney with the level of Glomerular filtration rate count. The value signifies the health of the kidneys and screens for impairments if any.

The value of GFR helps to evaluate the stage of kidney damage and monitors the advancement or improvement of any existing kidney condition.

This test includes

  • Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)
  • Cystatin C


The test is conducted to calculate the level of Cystatin C in the blood. Hence, a medical practitioner would ask the individual, undergoing the test, to fast overnight prior to the test. According to studies, eating meals such as meat before undergoing the test may elevate the Cystatin C level in the blood.

It is advised to inform the medical practitioner about on-going medications such as vitamin supplements, over-the-counter medicine or pre-existing medical conditions, in advance. Doing so may eliminate the risk of a falsified result.

Frequently asked questions

Q.What is the time taken for conducting the GFR with Cystatin C Test?

The test required to collect the blood varies somewhere between 5-10 minutes. The time taken to deliver the report depends on the lab. Usually, the result is delivered within 24-36 hours.

Q.What are the common risks associated with the GFR with the Cystatin C test?

Drawing a blood sample using a needle involves a minimally invasive process and thus does not pose a big risk. Some people may experience bruising, soreness or bleeding after the test. Applying an ice pack can help relieve these symptoms.

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GFR With Cystatin C

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