Glucon-D: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages & Price

Glucon-D powder is manufactured by Heinz India. Its chief component is high grade dextrose, and it is used by children, adults as well as athletes to boost energy levels and keep themselves feeling refreshed. For children, it is useful as an energy supplement after they have finished playing.

It is available in several flavours including Orange, Aam Panna, Nimbu Pani and the classic Original flavour. Many people prefer the nice, tangy flavours rather than the original powder and children are particularly fond of the flavoured versions.


Composition and Nature of Glucon-D:

Glucon-D powder is primarily composed of high grade dextrose, a form of glucose. It also contains calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus.

Uses of Glucon-D:

Glucon-D powder is used primarily by athletes, and growing children who need energy supplements on short notice. It is not medicinal, it is an energy drink, and should not be used for treatment of any disease.

It is used for people who are suffering from low blood sugar for any reason. It is a popular drink for athletes who need to replenish their energy during practice or who need energy boosts after practice. It may also be used by people who are suffering from low blood sugar for other reasons. However, such usage is advised against as people should be getting their energy needs met from their diet.

Glucon-D powder is also commonly used in high heat during summer to replenish loss of energy from heat and to prevent fatigue due to heatstroke, particularly for anyone doing outdoor work.

If a non-athlete is suffering from constant fatigue and low blood sugar then it may be the sign of a medical problem or a poor diet and they are advised to approach a doctor and get a diagnosis.

Side Effects of Glucon-D:

A known side-effect of drinking Glucon-D is increased urination. Those using the drink are advised not to suppress the need and urinate regularly, as doing otherwise may cause an UTI or other harm.

Another side-effect of using glucose drinks is the possibility of hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar. It can be caused by glucose drinks because the body usually attempts to maintain a certain level of blood sugar. Regular use of Glucon-D may lead to overuse and an overdose which leads to the body releasing excess amounts of insulin in order to reduce blood sugar. This will then lead to low blood sugar and may cause fainting, fatigue, or dizziness.
This might also lead to excessive fat storage.

Common Dosage of Glucon-D:

A typical use of Glucon-D powder, as advised by the manufacturers, is to pour two spoons into a glass and mix with water and drink. If you have prepared the drink from before and are drinking it much later, you are advised to shake the bottle or stir the glass in order to mix the powder again.

Many people prefer to consume Glucon-D in the morning with breakfast, but athletes frequently carry Glucon-D in a water-bottle to practice in case of emergencies where they need the glucose.

Workouts in the summers, especially running outside or any sort of outside sport may cause dehydration or fatigue and Glucon-D can be kept on hand to prevent problems.

How Glucon-D works?

The dextrose content in the powder is a simple sugar which your body does not require time to convert. Therefore, drinking Glucon-D powder almost immediately raises the amount of sugar in your blood and gives you an energy boost.

Most glucose derivatives will perform the same function but will take longer to break down and so will provide energy later or more slowly.

Use during emergencies when you need your energy replenished, including heat waves, long workouts, and diabetics facing low blood sugar levels.

Warnings and Precautions When to Avoid Glucon-D:

The Glucon-D powder sold by Heinz is not recommended for infants.

Glucon-D is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

It is advised that if you use Glucon-D powder then you regularly monitor your blood sugar level.

Substitutes for Glucon-D:

There are some commercially available glucose drinks:

Dabur GlucoPlus manufactured by well-known brand Dabur is composed of 99.4% glucose along with calcium and Vitamin D. It is a cheap alternative to Glucon-D powder and is available in orange flavour.

Glucon-D Interactions:

Diabetic patients are not advised to use this or any glucose drink. If a diabetes patient must use Glucon-D powder then they should take their insulin course (if they are insulin-dependent) into account, and ensure that they monitor their blood sugar levels regularly.

There are no known interactions of Glucon-D powder with any medication or any other conditions. Most people can safely use Glucon-D powder. If there are any indications that Glucon-D is having an adverse effect then users are advised to stop taking it immediately and consult a medical professional.


1) How often can I use Glucon-D powder?

Ans: It is not advisable to use Glucon-D powder on a daily basis, particularly for non-athletes. For people who are dealing with frequent fatigue, it is advised that they approach a doctor or nutritionist to sort out the causal factor. For most people, their daily diet should give them sufficient energy. If they are not receiving sufficient energy from their daily diet then that is a medical or diet problem and Glucon-D can only offer symptomatic relief. Even athletes only typically use Glucon-D during the summer or when very hard training is happening. Daily use is not advised to anyone.

2) Will I get diabetes from Glucon-D?

Ans: Diabetes is caused by a complex set of reasons, including hereditary tendency towards diabetes, linked with lifestyle problems such as low exercise, or a disease which harms the ability of the body to produce or use insulin. Glucon-D is simply a form of sugar drink. While diabetics may need to use it carefully, it cannot cause diabetes by itself.

3) Will Glucon-D help during bodybuilding workouts?

Ans: Glucon-D is a refreshing glucose drink that will replenish your energy during any workout. However, for detailed instructions on whether or not it can be useful for bodybuilding, you are requested to ask a trainer or a doctor who can advise you according to your specific needs and health situation.

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