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Ime-9 Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

IME 9 is a medicine prescribed to help patients manage diabetes in an effective manner. It consists of 5 herbs that help increase insulin production and delay the process of absorption of glucose in the intestines.

The tablet can be used as an effective solution to manage diabetes on a long-term basis. Additionally, it helps control complications caused due to diabetes like high blood pressure, retinopathy, neuropathy, coronary heart disease, and skin infections.


Composition and Nature of Ime-9 Tablet:

IME 9 is an Ayurvedic product that is a combination of five fruits and herbs that include:

  • Amar or Spanish Plum: It helps release more insulin to get hypoglycaemic effects from the Beta-cells.
  • Jamun or Purple Indian Berry: It helps increase and maintains the sugar levels after a meal.
  • Karela or Bitter gourd: The bioactive compounds that are present in Karela help lower the blood sugar and helps increase production of insulin produced by beta cells in the pancreas.
  • Meshashringi or Gudmar: It helps supress sweetness in one’s body and helps inhibit the intake of glucose in the intestine.
  • Shilajeet: It helps lower the free-radical damage caused to beta cells thus increasing the insulin production.

In addition to the ingredients mentioned, Sodium Methylparaben and Excipients Q.S. are also used.


Uses and Benefits of Ime-9 Tablet:

IME 9 primarily helps in cell reinforcement. Apart from that, it also helps in the following conditions:

  • It helps control glucose level.
  • It helps recover the beta cells.
  • It helps decrease insulin resistance.
  • It has natural anti-oxidant properties.
  • It helps alleviate diabetes related inconveniences.
  • It helps diminishes insulin protection and postpones the glucose assimilation from the digestion tracts.


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Side Effects of Ime-9 Tablet:

There are some specific side effects that are caused due to the consumption of IME 9. Some of the side effects include:

  • Skin allergy: It may cause the skin to become patchy or itchy. Small wounds might appear on the skin as well.
  • Weakness: Sleepiness and fatigue are associated with this medicine. However, this side effect is not permanent, and once the course of the medicine is complete it will go away.
  • Flaky and dry skin: It might cause the skin to become extremely dry and it can take up to a few months to make the skin to become normal.

If the patient is experiencing one or more of these side effects, then a doctor must be consulted at the earliest.


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IME 9 dosage is dependent on patient’s health conditions and severity of diabetes. It is important to consult a doctor to get advice on dosage and directions on how to consume the medicine.

However, on an average two tablets are recommended three times a day, half an hour before meals with lukewarm water.


How Ime-9 Works:

Amara consists of bio-dynamic mixtures as well as solvent diet stands and all these mixes act when they are discharged for more insulin received from Beta cells for hypoglycaemic impacts.

Karela is known as a diabetic herb that is grows in ground and applies the hypoglycaemic impact. While Gudmar, a woody climber, helps control sugar levels and boosts insulin production, recovers cells, and represses assimilation of sugar from digestive tract.

Jamun has anti-diabetic properties that help lessen glucose level and helps increase the serum insulin levels. Additionally, Shilajeet helps expand the stomach stream that helps discharge and supports better retention.


Precautions and Warnings Related To Ime-9 Tablet:

IME 9 must be stored in a dry and cool place. This herbal medicine must not be kept in freezer or refrigerated.

Some of the other warnings that one must keep in mind in include:

-  Stopping the medicine halfway can cause the body to become resistant and the infection to come back.

-  It is advised that the medicine should not be stopped before the course is complete, even if the patient feels better.

-  In case of severe reactions, one must consult a doctor.


Substitutes of Ime-9 Tablet:

A popular substitute of IME 9 is BG34, which is another Ayurvedic medicine to treat type 2-diabetes. The drug contains 34 vital photo-constituent derivatives and extracts that converts pro-insulin to insulin as per the principles of Ayurveda.

BG34 claims that no side effects are reported when compared to other Allopathic drugs.



IME 9 medicine must not be consumed in the following situations:

-  If an individual is breastfeeding, or pregnant

-  If an individual is taking medical supplements like herb formulations and vitamins

-  If an individual has severe allergies

-  If an individual has undergone surgery recently

-  If a person is on any prescription medication


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) What are the major benefits of using IME 9?

Ans: Some of the benefits of using IME 9 include:

-  Release of insulin by beta-cells to receive hypoglycaemic effects

-  Helps lower blood glucose and increases insulin production

-  Supress sweetness in body by inhibiting glucose uptake in intestines

-  Prevents surge in sugar levels after meals and keeps it under control. Helps increase the production of insulin


2) Can IME 9 medicine be used to treat Diabetic Neuropathy or Diabetes Foot?

Ans: Yes, IME 9 can be used to treat Diabetic Neuropathy or diabetic foot. Diabetes can cause harm to the nerves and cause peripheral neuropathy, proximal neuropathy, autonomic neuropath, and focal neuropathy.

The damage caused which is referred to as neuropathy is very painful. However, when the blood sugar levels are very high for a long time it causes damage to blood supplied to the nerves that cause neuropathy.


3) Can IME 9 be used to treat Diabetic Neuropathy?

Ans: Yes, IME 9 can be used to treat diabetic neuropathy. The blood vessels in the eye called the retina are very sensitive and get affected by diabetes.

A common reason that can be attributed for people with diabetes is loss of sight or vision impairment among people with adult diabetic Mucular oedema. As a result, it causes diabetic retinopathy by causing a swelling around the Retina referred to as the Macula.


4) What does the IME 9 tablet work?

Ans: The IME 9 tablet helps regenerate beta cells, helps acceptance of insulin in the body, reduces sugar cravings overall, and increases insulin production.


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Last updated on : 24-12-2018
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