Intagesic MR Tablets: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages & Price

Intagesic MR Tablets are used as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever. It works as a remedy for all kinds of muscle pain, joint pain and similar medical condition like lumbago and arthritis. It is also used for fever , headache , severe muscle spasms, toothache, cold and flu.

Uses and benefits of Intagesic MR:

Intagesic MR Tablet is prescribed for the treatment of various conditions like -

  • Muscle spasms
  • A toothache
  • A headache
  • Joint pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cold and flu
  • Ear pain
  • Cephalalgia
  • Menstrual ache

Along with the above-mentioned conditions, Intagesic MR Tablets may also be prescribed for the treatment of -

  • A Backache
  • Soft tissue sports injuries
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Bone dislocations
  • Fractures
  • Strains and sprains
  • Bursitis (inflammation of sacs filled with lubricating fluid in joints)
  • Dental pain
  • Tendonitis (inflammation of tendon for example tennis elbow)

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Side Effects of Intagesic MR:

There are some common side effects to the usage of Intagesic MR tablet that an individual may experience during the course of the Intagesic MR Tablets. These side effects include:-

The individual must report their condition to the physician immediately in case he/she experiences any serious side effects such as fainting, stomach or chest pain, black or bloody stool, loss of appetite or dark urine.

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Dosage of Intagesic MR Tablet:

The doctor may decide the dose based on the health condition and age of the patients. Usually, the doctor may prescribe Intagesic MR tablet to be taken three-four times a day. However, based upon a patient's condition the doctor may devise a personalized plan.

  • Missed Dose: If a patient misses a dose, it must be taken as soon as remembered. However, if it is already time for the next dose, patients must refrain from taking a double dose. Taking more than the prescribed dose may not improve the condition but lead to severe side effects.
  • Overdose: In case of an overdose, the conditions of the patients must be managed with a suitable supportive therapy. The patients must consult a doctor as soon as they observe any symptoms of overdose. Taking more than the required amount of medicine causes interactions and may worsen the condition.

Nature and Composition of Intagesic MR Tablets:

The medicine contains Chlorzoxazone (250mg), Diclofenac (50mg), and Paracetamol /Acetaminophen (500mg) as its active ingredients. While Chlorzoxazone is a muscle relaxant and helps with muscle contractions, Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that serves a remedy for swelling, pain and redness. Paracetamol is a known fever reducer. These chemicals work in sync to provide relief from certain complex medical conditions.

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How to use Intagesic MR Tablets?

  • Depending upon the patient’s health status and age the doctor may prescribe a particular dose of Intagesic MR tablet.
  • The doctor may direct the patients to take Intagesic MR three-four times a day.
  • It is advisable to swallow Intagesic MR and not break, crush or chew it.
  • It is suggested that patients must refrain from missing the dose or taking more than the prescribed dose.

How Intagesic MR Tablets works:

The active ingredients in Intagesic MR tablet works towards relaxation of muscles in order to reduce pain caused due to contraction. The ingredients block the release of certain chemicals in the brain and calm the neurons around the spinal cord and therefore, reduce pain signals in the brain. Swallow the tablet in one go. Do not chew, break, or crush the tablet before consumption.

When is Intagesic MR Tablets prescribed?

Intagesic MR Tablets are usually prescribed for the treatment of muscle spasms. Intagesic MR is prescribed for the treatment of conditions like a backache, muscle spasm, swelling, muscle injuries, muscle ache etc.

Related Warnings/ Precautions: When to avoid Intagesic MR Tablets:

There are certain precautions that patients must keep in mind to avoid any ill effect on the health during the course of Intagesic MR tablet. Keeping the below-mentioned points in mind may help the patients to take Intagesic MR in a manner that it functions optimally and effectively –

  • The medicine must not be taken by patients suffering from hypersensitivity or are allergic to any of the active ingredients in Intagesic MR.
  • Patients with liver and kidney problems must avoid using Intagesic MR unless prescribed by a physician. If they must use it, it must be within strict medical supervision.
  • It is not advisable that pregnant ladies and lactating mothers use these tablets. In case they must, it must be in strict adherence to the prescription by the specialist.
  • Take the medicine just in the prescribed amount. Do not miss a dosage.
  • Avoid taking more than the prescribed dosage.
  • Do not recommend the medicine to any other person with similar symptoms.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or any other sedatives
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming Intagesic MR.
  • the medicine must not be taken if a person is allergic to Paracetamol.
  • It is imperative to monitor blood pressure when on Intagesic MR Tablets.
  • Intagesic MR Tablet should not be given to infants suffering from Congenital Heart Disease.
  • The medicne may not be prescribed to patients suffering from asthma , liver or kidney disease.

Substitutes for Intagesic MR Tablets:

The substitutes for Intagesic MR include -

  • Diclofen MR Tablets
  • Lupizox 250mg tablets
  • Mahadiclo tablets
  • DP Gesic MR 250 Tablet
  • Zedonac MR 250 tablets

Intagesic MR Tablets Interactions:

A medicine may interact with other medicines, food items or beverages. These interactions may decrease or alter the effect of medicine and make it less effective. Intagesic MR also shows various interactions such as –

Interaction with medicines –

Intagesic MR tablet may interact with the following medicines –

  • Alprazolam
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors
  • Aspirin
  • Atorvastatin
  • Cetirizine
  • Codeine
  • Cyclosporine
  • Diazepam
  • Diphenhydramine
  • Esomeprazole
  • Furosemide
  • Interfere with certain laboratory tests
  • Juxtapid mipomersen
  • Ketoconazole
  • Leflunomide
  • Methotrexate
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Prilocaine
  • Sedatives
  • Teriflunomide
  • Thiazides
  • Topiramate
  • Warfarin
  • Zolpidem
  • Lithium

Interaction with alcohol –

Consuming alcohol while taking Intagesic MR may induce excessive drowsiness and sleepiness.  Taking alcohol with Intagesic MR may increase the risk of liver damage.

How to store Intagesic MR Tablets?

To store Intagesic MR tablet must be -

  • Keep it at room temperature.
  • Keep Intagesic MR tablet away from the reach of pets and children.
  • Do not keep Intagesic MR tablet under direct heat or sunlight.
  • Do not keep Intagesic MR tablet at places where it can retain moisture such as near the bathroom or kitchen sink.


1) What is Intagesic MR Tablet used to treat?

Ans : Intagesic MR tablet is used for the treatment of muscle spasms. It may also be prescribed for the treatment of conditions such as toothache, cephalalgia, febrility, arthralgia, period’s pain, muscle cramping, migraine etc.

2) What are the side effects?

Ans : Some of the side effects associated with the use of Intagesic MR are Dizziness, Diarrhea, Rashes, Skin rashes, Hypersensitivity, Nausea, Acute renal tubular necrosis, Angioneurotic edema, Anaphylactic reactions, Malaise, Burning sensation etc.

3) Can I use alcohol while using Intagesic MR Tablet?

Ans : Consuming alcohol while on Intagesic MR Tablets may have a harmful effect on the liver. The medicine may also induce excessive drowsiness. Therefore, it is suggested that the patients must avoid the consumption of alcohol while on Intagesic MR.

4) Can pregnant patients use Intagesic MR?

Ans : Pregnant women may not be advised to consume Intagesic MR in their first and third trimesters. This is so because the medicine may cause an ill effect on the developing fetus. However, Intagesic MR may be taken if prescribed by the doctor in an emergency.

5) What happens if I miss Intagesic MR Tablets?

Ans : In case a patient misses a dose, it must be taken as soon as remembered. However, if the time is near to that of the next dose, do not take a double dose. If the patient regularly misses the dose,Intagesic MR may not prove to be very effective. Also, in such cases, the patients must set an alarm to remind them of taking the medicine.

6) What happens if I overdose on Intagesic MR tablets?

Ans : If you have taken an overdose of the medicine you may experience some side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, stomach discomfort, vomiting, and lethargy. The doctor must be consulted immediately if the condition worsens.

7) Does Intagesic MR cause drowsiness?

Ans : Yes. The medicine does induce drowsiness and sleepiness in the patients.

8) How does Intagesic MR Tablet work?

Ans : The medicine has three components namely diclofenac, Paracetamol and chlorzoxazone. Diclofenac is a painkiller whereas Paracetamol has anti-pyretic properties. This allows Intagesic MR to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins and reduce fever. The third component chlorzoxazone blocks nerve signals sent to the brain and thereby relaxing the muscles and alleviating spasms.

9) Does Ondem 4 mg cause any allergic reactions?

Ans : No. The medicine does not cause allergic reactions. Allergy may happen to patients already allergic to any of its components.

10) Can I drive after consuming Intagesic MR Tablets?

Ans : The Tablets may have some sedative effects which may lead to short time dizziness and blurred vision. Do not drive in case you experience irritation, dizziness or blurred vision.

11) Is Intagesic MR Tablet safe?

Ans : The Tablets are medically proven as safe for consumption. Read the package for more information.

12) Is Intagesic MR Tablet helpful for acidity?

Ans : The medicine does not have a use for acidifying or any gastric problems. Please ask your doctor to suggest you some other medications for the same.

13)  Do I need to avoid a particular food item while consuming Intagesic MR?

Ans : No particular food item is to be avoided while consuming Intagesic MR Tablets.

14) What happens if a patient eats an expired Intagesic MR Tablet?

Ans : Intagesic MR may lose its efficacy if it is expired. Also taking expired medicine for a prolonged period of time may not improve a patient’s condition. Therefore, it is very important that the patients check the expiry date before consuming Intagesic MR.

15) Can Intagesic MR Tablet be administered by pregnant women?

Ans: It is generally advised for pregnant women to avoid administering this drug. If it is absolutely necessary for pregnant women to administer this medicine, doctor consultation is very important.

16) Can I administer Intagesic MR Tablet for the treatment of tooth pain?

Ans: Intagesic MR Tablet can be used for getting relief from tooth pain. It works as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever and helps to get rid of pain and inflammation in conditions such as fever, headache, severe muscle spasms, cold, flu etc.

17) Can I use Intagesic MR for treating stomach pain?

Ans: No, Intagesic MR can’t be used for the treatment of stomach pain. It is a muscle relaxant which is used to treat pain like a toothache, post-operative pain, and acute migraine attack.

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