Kenacort 40 mg Injection : Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Kenacort 40 mg injection is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It treats various symptoms of these conditions like pain and swelling. In its various forms it is used in the treatment of skin disorders like dermatitis and eczema and allergic disorders. Kenacort is also available in a cream and tablet form. It is manufactured by Abbott Healthcare Private Limited.

Kenacort 40 mg Injection

Kenacort 40 mg Injection Composition And Nature:

Kenacort 40 mg injection contains Triamcinolone, which is a corticosteroid drug and used to treat inflammation and allergies.

Kenacort 40 mg Injection Uses & benefits:

This injection has several uses:

  • Kenacort injection is used to treat symptoms like pain, stiffness, reddening and swelling of joints, in various kinds of arthritis, including, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gouty arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis.
  • Kenacort injection are also used to treat symptoms of several skin disorders including Eczema, Alopecia, Lichen simplex chronicus, Psoriasis, Lichen Planus and Dermatitis.
  • Kenacort 40 mg injection is used to treat inflammation of several kinds including dermatologic, hematological, endocrine, respiratory, gastrointestinal and renal inflammation.
  • This injection also treats Ankylosing Spondylitis, which causes stiffness and pain in the back region.
  • Kenacort is also used in the treatment of Bursitis.
  • Kenacort treats multiple sclerosis, along with allergic rhinitis.
  • This injection is also used in the treatment of Synovitis, which is the inflammation of the synovial membrane.
  • It also treats Keloids, which is a condition in which irregular fibrous tissue is formed at the area of an injury.

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Side Effects of Kenacort 40 mg Injection:

This has some possible side effects. However, their occurrence is not guaranteed. The side effects have been generally found after using the injection for a long time, or at a higher dose. Some of these side effects include:

  • Kenacort 40 mg injection has several common side effects like electrolyte imbalance, mood changes or irritation, high blood pressure , increased body fat, rise in risk of infections, blurred vision, itchy skin and rise in blood sugar level.
  • The injection may cause dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath, muscle disorders, degeneration of bones and a feeling of numbness or tingling in the arms and legs.
  • In rare cases, it may lead to dry, scaly skin or lead to easy bruising of skin.

This is not a complete list of side effects. If you experience these side effects in a severe anner, or any other effects to this injection, inform your doctor immediately.

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Kenacort 40 mg Injection Dosage

Kenacort is an injection and therefore, has to be administered properly by a doctor or nurse. It is preferable to take this injection after eating some food, rather than an empty stomach to prevent an upset stomach. Do not administer this injection yourself.

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How Kenacort 40 mg Injection Works?

Triamcinolone is the main ingredient in Kenacort 400 mg injection. It is a corticosteroid, which is a class of drugs. This injection decreases the release of chemical substances that cause inflammation and allergies in the body.

Kenacort 40 mg Injection Related Warnings/ Precautions

The reaction of Kenacort 40 mg injection with alcohol is not known. Consult your doctor before consuming alcohol while on a course.

  • Pregnant women are cautioned against using Kenacort as studies show it may be harmful to the foetus. It is advised to discuss the risks and benefits with the doctor before taking the injection.
  • Patients with kidney diseases are advised to use Kenacort with caution and after a dose adjustment.
  • Patients with liver diseases are advised to use this injection after a dose adjustment.
  • Kenacort 40 mg injection increases the risk of getting an infection with symptoms including fever, cough, cold, pain while urination and wounds that do not heal quickly. Consult your doctor immediately if these symptoms occur.
  • Patients who are going to be administered a vaccine are advised to wait for a period of time before using this medicine, as it may have counter effects if used together.
  • Patients with allergies to Triamcinolone are suggested not to take this injection.

Substitutes of Kenacort 40 mg Injection:

There are several substitutes to this injection. Some of these are:

  • Tricort 40 mg injection: The manufacturer is Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited. It has the same ingredient and effects as Kenacort 40 mg injection.
  • Netracort 40 mg injection: The manufacturer is Nectar Lifesciences Limited. It has the same ingredient and effects as Kenacort 40 mg injection.
  • Cort 40 mg injection: It is manufactured by Daksh Pharma Private Limited. It’s main ingredient is Triamcinolone and has the same use as Kenacort 40 mg injection.
  • Cilon 40 mg injection: It is manufactured by Pharma Drugs And Chemicals. It’s main ingredient is Triamcinolone and has the same use as Kenacort 40 mg injection.

Kenacort 40 mg Injection Interactions:

This injection may not interact well with certain products, drugs or medical conditions, as listed below:

  • Kenacort injection may not interact well with pain relievers like ibuprofen.
  • This injection should not be mixed with antifungal drugs like Ketoconazole or antidiabetic medications.
  • Other medicines that are used in the treatment of arthritis like Adalimumab do not interact well with Kenacort 40 mg injection.
  • Antidepressants like bupropion should also not be mixed with Kenacort injections.
  • Patients with liver diseases and renal should use this injection with caution and closely monitor the liver and kidney function.
  • Patients with Hyperlipidemia should also be careful while taking this medicine as it may not react well with Kenacort injection.
  • It is advised not to take Kenacort injections if you have osteoporosis as it may worsen your existing condition.
  • Persons who have suffered from myocardial infarctions in the past must use this medicine with caution as it may worsen your condition.

Kenacort 40 mg Injection FAQs:

1) Is it safe to drive or use heavy machinery after using Kenacort 40 mg injection?

Ans: The injection may cause dizziness or blurred vision. As such it may not be safe to drive or operate heavy machinery after using Kenacort injection.

2) Is it safe to breastfeed after using Kenacort 40 mg injection?

Ans: The limited data on this injection suggests that it is not harmful to the baby and is possibly safe. However, it is best to consult with a doctor before using Kenacort injections before lactation.

3) Can this injection be stopped abruptly?

Ans: Do not stop this medicine abruptly. It has to be tapered off otherwise it will cause adverse withdrawal effects like confusion, headache and fever.

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