Mifegest Kit: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages & Price

Mifegest kit contains a combination medicine that is usually prescribed for pregnancy termination, legal abortion, menses induction, extrauterine pregnancy, blood loss, cervical ripening before surgical termination of pregnancy and for inducing normal labour. The kit will include a medical guide to the different uses of Mifegest Kit.  The kit is manufactured by Zydus Cadila.

Nature of Mifegest kit: Pregnancy termination kit
Composition of Mifegest kit: Mifepristone (200mg) and Misoprostol (200mcg)
Uses of Mifegest kit: pregnancy termination, breast cancer, Cervical ripening before surgical pregnancy termination
Side-effects of Mifegest kit: nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramp, uterine contractions, heavy menstrual periods
Precautions of Mifegest kit: upcoming surgery, pregnancy
Mifegest Kit

Uses & Benefits of Mifegest Kit:

Following are the major uses of Mifegest Kit

  • Pregnancy termination : This medicine is used to terminate a pregnancy which is less than 10 weeks and it is also used to induce labour if the fetus has died or before a surgical procedure is used to terminate the pregnancy.
  • Cushing's syndrome: This medicine can be used to manage high sugar levels in patients with Cushing’s syndrome or that type-2 diabetes or glucose intolerance.
  • Meningioma – Meningiomas refer to brain tumours which are usually benign and grow really slowly. In some patients, complete surgical removal of these tumours is not possible. Most meningiomas comprise of progesterone receptors.  Mifepristone is a medicine that binds to the progesterone receptors and inbits their working. Therefore, Mifegest kit tablets are often prescribed for the treatment of meningiomas.

Some of the other uses of Mifegest Kit include:

  • Benign gastric ulcer
  • Breast cancer
  • Contraception
  • Duodenal ulcer
  • Extrauterine pregnancy
  • Gastric ulcer
  • Labour induction
  • Menses induction
  • Progesterone-dependent malignancies
  • Uterine leiomyoma
  • NSAID associated gastrointestinal injury
  • Immediate post-coital emergency contraception

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Side Effects of Mifegest Kit:

Some of the side effects associated with the use of Mifegest Kit include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Abdominal distress
  • Decreased appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficult urination
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive vaginal bleeding
  • Headache
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Infection following abortion
  • Loss of strength
  • Nausea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Uterine contractions or cramping

In case one experiences any of these side effects, then one must consult a doctor immediately.

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Common Dosage of Mifegest Kit:

Mifegest is a combination of tablets which comprises of Mifepristone (200mg) and Misoprostol (200mcg). The kit can be safely used to abort to pregnancy of 63 days or 9 weeks. The medicine must be taken in dose as directed by the doctor. The medical practitioner may decide the dosage depending upon the condition of the patient.

  • Missed Dose : A missed dose of Mifegest tablets must be taken as soon as it is remembered. If it is already the time to take the next dose, the previous dose must be skipped. It is advisable to take the dose on time and the patient should not take an extra dose in order to make up for the missed dose.
  • Overdose : Consuming more than the prescribed dose of Mifegest tablets may lead to severe side effects on the female body. Therefore, it is advisable to administer Mifegest as prescribed by the doctor.

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Composition and Nature of Mifegest Kit:

The kit comprises of a combination medicine which is usually used for medical abortion. The active ingredients in the Mifegest Kit include Misoprostol and Mifepristone.

Mifegest Kit Price in India:

Medicine Manufacturer Price
Mifegest Kit (strip of 5 tablets) Zydus Cadila INR 395

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How to use Mifegest?

  • Mifegest must be administered orally.
  • The patients should not chew, crush or break the medicine before consuming it.
  • Mifegest must be consumed immediately after having a meal.

How Mifegest Works?

Mifegest Kit helps effectively block the progesterone and it also prevents the formation of an ulcer.

Individual mechanism

  • Mifepristone - The medicine inhibits the activity of progesterone and which leads to the termination of pregnancy.
  • Misoprostol - Misoprostol stimulates increased secretion of the protective mucus that lines the gastrointestinal tract and increases mucosal blood flow, thereby increasing mucosal integrity.

When Mifegest is prescribed?

Mifegest is usually prescribed when a female wants to abort her child. However, there are other conditions in which the medicine can be prescribed. Some of these conditions are –

  • Benign gastric ulcer
  • Breast cancer
  • Contraception
  • Duodenal ulcer
  • Endometriosis
  • Extrauterine pregnancy
  • Gastric ulcers
  • Immediate post-coital emergency contraception
  • Labour induction
  • Meningioma

Related Warnings/Precautions: When to Avoid Mifegest Kit?

Individuals must take care of the following conditions before taking Mifegest kit:

  • One must not smoke cigarettes when this medicine is taken
  • One must not take this medicine in case of excessive bleeding
  • One must not take this medicine if one has hypertensive disorders
  • One must not take this medicine if it causes dizziness
  • One must not take this medicine if the woman has a history of hepatic, cardiovascular or renal diseases

Substitutes for Mifegest Kit:

Some of the common substitutes of Mifegest Kit include:

  • Contrapill 200 MG Tablet
  • Medabon 200 MG Tablet
  • Mefipil 200 MG Tablet
  • Mefnil 200 MG Tablet
  • Mifeprin 200 MG Tablet
  • Mt Pill 200 MG Tablet
  • Pregnot Kit 200 MG Tablet
  • Pri Vc 200 MG Tablet
  • Termipil 200 MG Tablet

Mifegest Kit Interactions:

A drug interacts with another drug and may cause a reaction or effect that is different from the intended effect due to the drug interaction. Some of the products and drugs that Naprosyn reacts with are given the following:

  • Dexamethasone: This medicine should not be taken along with dexamethasone and must be used only if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Ergotamine: This medicine should not be taken with Ergotamine.
  • Erythromycin: This medicine must not be taken with Erythromycin since it may cause an adverse effect and elevate the electrolyte and heart levels in the body.
  • Grapefruit: Avoid the consumption of grapefruit juice while taking this medicine as it can alter the level of medicine in the bloodstream.
  • Hydrocortisone: This medicine should not be taken with hydrocortisone.
  • Ketoconazole: This medicine should not be taken with Ketoconazole.
  • Pimozide: This medicine should not be taken with Pimozide.
  • Simvastatin: This medicine should not be taken with Simvastatin.
  • Warfarin: This medicine should not be taken with Warfarin and if one has a bleeding disorder.

Interaction with diseases –

  • Allergy: This medicine should not be taken by individuals with a known history of allergies to the ingredients of this medicine.
  • Ectopic pregnancy: This medicine is not recommended to be used to terminate a pregnancy in women where the egg has been fertilized outside the uterus.
  • Current use of the intra-uterine device: This medicine is not recommended for use in women with intra-uterine devices.
  • Corticosteroids: This medicine is not recommended for use for individuals who use Corticosteroids to treat immune system disorders.
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding: This medicine is not recommended for use in individuals with a history of unexplained vaginal bleeding.
  • Other bleeding disorders: This medicine is not recommended for use in individuals with other bleeding disorders.
  • Porphyria: This medicine is not recommended for use in individuals with Porphyria.

How to store Mifegest Kit?

  • Mifegest must be stored at room temperature away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Itshould be kept away from the reach of pets and children.
  • Care should be taken to not keep Mifegest at a place where it can retain moisture.


1) How much time does it take for Mifegest Kit to work?

Ans: Once Mifegest kit is taken it becomes effective within an hour or two. Consult a doctor before taking this medicine.

2) For how long does the effect of Mifegest Kit last?

Ans: The effect of Mifegest kit lasts between 7 to 10 days. Consult a doctor before taking this medicine.

3) Is Mifegest Kit safe to consume alcohol after taking this medicine?

Ans: The interactions of Mifegest kit with alcohol are unknown. For this reason, one must consult a doctor before taking this medicine.

4) Is Mifegest Kit habit forming?

Ans: No, Mifegest kit is not habit forming. Consult a doctor before taking this medicine

5) Is it safe to have Mifegest Kit while breastfeeding?

Ans: No, Mifegest kit is not recommended for women who are lactating and breastfeeding. In case, the medicine is administered then one should discontinue breastfeeding. Consult a doctor before taking this medicine.

6) Is Mifegest Kit safe for use in women over the age of 35?

Ans: Mifegest kit must be used with a lot of caution in women over the age of 35 as the risk of complications will increase.

7) How can I be sure that Mifegest Kit has terminated pregnancy?

Ans: Mifegest kit is recommended that after taking this medicine one must consult a doctor and get an ultrasound scan done to confirm termination of pregnancy.

8) Can the use of Mifegest Kit cause nausea and vomiting?

Ans: Yes, the use of Mifegest Kit may lead to vomiting and nausea. Consuming the medicine with food, milk or antacids may prevent nausea. Avoid taking fried or fatty food along with the consumption of Mifegest tablets. In the case of vomiting, the patients are advised to drink plenty of water and other fluids. However, if the patients notice symptoms such as dark colour and strong-smelling urine, low frequency of urination they must immediately consult the doctor.

9) Can the consumption of Mifegest Kit cause diarrhoea?

Ans: Yes, the use of Mifegest Kit may cause diarrhoea. In the case of diarrhoea the patients are advised to drink plenty of water and fluids. In case the condition worsens, they should immediately consult a doctor.

10) Do I need to avoid any particular food items while consuming Mifegest tablets?

Ans: No particular food item needs to be avoided after the consumption of Mifegest tablets.

11) What will happen if a female consumes an expired dose of Mifegest?

Ans: An expired medicine is less effective and potent and therefore will not be able to cure the condition it has been prescribed for. In this case, Mifegest will not be able to terminate the pregnancy.

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