MRI Left hand /Right hand Shoulder - Plain

About the test

MRI Left hand/Right-hand Shoulder is a medical imaging procedure that uses MRI (Magnetic Imaging Procedure) scanners to produce the detailed cross-sectional images of the image of bones, vessels, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues present in the shoulder of an individual. The test is performed when conventional X-rays fail to provide critical information.

Why get tested?

An MRI Left hand/Right-hand Shoulder of MRI Head forms the detailed and cross-sectional images of one’s shoulder. It helps detect congenital abnormalities, tumours, infections and degenerative diseases. It may also be performed to plan surgical procedures or to monitor the changes after the joint surgery.

This test includes

  • MRI Left hand /Right hand Shoulder - Plain


The test does not require any specific preparations. However, mentioned below are a few points that must be kept in mind beforehand:

  • The lab technician may ask the patient to remove the jewellery items or any other metal objects that might interfere with the image.
  • Pregnant women should inform their doctor and the lab technician as the radiations may harm the foetus.
  • Patients with pacemakers or other metal implants should inform their doctor beforehand.
  • Patients with a known kidney-related ailment should inform the doctor as the coloured dye/ contrast may harm the patient.
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MRI Left hand /Right hand Shoulder - Plain