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Mucinac 600 mg Tablet : Uses, Side Effects & Dosage

Mucinac 600 is a medicine manufactured by Cipla pharmaceuticals. It is available in the forms of pills (to be orally administrated) and injection (to be intravenously administrated). It is primarily a mucus thinning agent and therefore might be used in the treatment of a wide range disorders that are caused by accumulation of mucus such as bronchitis and asthma. It is also used as an antidote against Paracetamol overdosing very commonly.


Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet Uses:

  • Disorders accompanied by the secretion of mucus such as bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, common cold and flu.
  • Paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity
  • Dry eye syndrome

According to a study conducted by NCBI, the primary component of this medicine, that of acetylcysteine, can considerably reduce the risk associated with contrast-induced nephropathy, which is a condition in which renal impairment is transpired by contrast tomography (the intravenous administration of a contrast agent, an example of which is iodine, to render the image of the organ under scrutiny clearer), in association with other drugs.


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Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet Composition:

The primary salt of this drug is Acetylcysteine.


Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet Side Effects:

Some of the common side effects of this drug include:

  • Outburst of rashes, often showing eczema like symptoms
  • Allergic reaction leading to development of itchy bumps on the skin
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Inflammation of the mouth
  • Breathlessness

If you observe an allergic reaction accompanied by spread of rashes, in effect to the administration of the drug, consult your doctor immediately. Usually the mild side effects subside with time. But if they do not, consult a physician.


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Mucinac 600 Dosage:

  • The dosage of Mucinac 600 depends on the type of the condition for which it is used. It is an effervescent tablet, that is, it has to be dissolved in a glass of water and then taken orally.
  • Doctors usually prescribe a dose of 600 mg of this medicine to adults and children above 4 years of age, per day, to be taken either once a day as a single dose, or thrice a day (200 mg x 3) till the end of the course for the treatment of disorders accompanied by the secretion of mucus.
  • In children below 2 years of age, the dose is brought down to 100 mg a day, and children between 2 to 7 years of age are prescribed 200 mg of this drug. In case of Paracetamol poisoning, the dose of this medicine, both in adults and children, depends on the body weight of the patient.
  • In the beginning 140 mg/kg of this medicine is prescribed. Eventually the doctor might bring down the dose to 70 mg/kg. The medicine needs to be administrated every 4 hours till the end of the course. In children too, the same dosage is followed.
  • Mucinac 600 can also be used as an inhalant for disorders of the airways caused by mucus accumulation. Both in adults and children, usually the doctor prescribes a dose between 2-20 ml, to be taken every 4 to 6 hours. The exact dose and the frequency depend on the severity of the condition.
  • This medicine is also used in the treatment of dry eye syndrome and in this case, the patient is advised to administer 3-4 drops into the eye. The treatment should be repeated every 4-6 hours depending on the severity of the condition.


How Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet Works?

In case of Paracetamol overdosing: Hepatotoxicity is a liver damage induced by chemical. It can happen as a result of Paracetamol overdosing, and acetylcysteine (the primary salt of Mucinac 600) works by restoring glutathione (an anti-oxidant that protects the cellular components from degeneration) present in the liver.

Mucolytic effect: Acetylcysteine reduces the viscosity of mucus present in the airways by releasing its free sulfhydryl group. It also has anti-inflammatory effects.


 Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet Precaution And Related Warning:

You should not buy this drug without prior consultation with a doctor. Tell your doctor about the medicines that you take on a daily basis, existence of other medical conditions (if any), upcoming surgeries or history of surgeries (if any), before this medicine is prescribed. If you are pregnant, about to conceive or are breast-feeding ask your doctor whether this medicine is safe for you. This medicine is not given to those who are sensitive to Acetylcysteine. Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet might trigger an allergic reaction. Therefore, patients with allergic tendencies should be extra conscious regarding the use of this drug.

Apart from that people with asthma who are on this drug should remain under the constant observation of the doctor.


Mucinac 600 Interaction with other drugs:

Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet interaction will either render the medicines that a patient takes on a daily basis, along with Mucinac 600, ineffective, or make one more susceptible to the side effects of the medicines. Therefore doctors must have a complete knowledge of all the medicines taken by the patient. 

Here is a list of the drugs that might interact adversely with Mucinac 600:

  • Photofrin (an assistive drug used during radiation therapy)
  • Kanamycin (an antibiotic against bacterial infection)


Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet Substitutes:

There are other Acetylcysteine drugs beside Mucinac 600, sold under different brand names, which perform similar functions. They are:

  • Gluton 600
  • Flumucil
  • Evanac
  • Mucomelt
  • Mucohelp
  • Mucomix


Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet Frequently Asked Questions:


1) How should this mucinac 600 tablet be taken, with food or without food?

Ans: Commonly, this Mucinac 600 is taken with food, that is, half an hour or quarter of an hour after the foods is consumed. However, this condition is subject to the condition of the patient. Therefore, prior consultation with a physician is required.


2) Can mucinac 600 tablet be used in case of common cold and flu?

Ans: Yes, this Mucinac 600 is a mucolytic agent, so it can be used to treat common cold and flu. A patient is likely to observe an improvement within a week of using this medicine. But one must remember that this is a prescription drug and patient shall buy the medicine only on the advice of the doctor.


3) Could this Mucinac 600 Mg Tablet cause dizziness?

Ans: Dizziness and lowering of blood pressure are some of the side effects of this medicine. Therefore, patients are advised to refrain from driving or handling heavy machineries if they feel dizzy or drowsy after taking this medicine.


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Last updated on : 24-12-2018
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