Neurobion Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Neurobion tablet is a supplement designed to provide multivitamins, particularly a specific combination of Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin B12. Neurobion contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. Merck manufactures Neurobion Tablet.

It is used for treating vitamin deficiencies and helps to mitigate negative effects on the skin, eyes, hair, and liver, from previous deficiency or illnesses. It may be used for a short period to improve general health, or for a longer duration in order to recover from a chronic problem.

Neurobion Tablet

Uses of Neurobion:

Vitamin B serves many important functions in the body, and people are frequently particularly found to be deficient in Vitamin B12.

Neurobion is used for a variety of reasons, a few of which are mentioned below

  • Neurobion helps with certain neurological disorders, particularly with depression, along with other medication
  • Neurobion helps in overcoming the deficiency of vitamin B12 and Thiamine
  • Help with cardiac problems, and pernicious anemia, which is particularly common in women and the elderly
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Convulsions from certain neurological problems, or seizures
  • Homocystinuria

Benefits of Neurobion:

Patient with deficiency of B-Vitamin can take Neurobion. However, it is advisable not to take the medicine without a proper prescription by the doctor.

Here is the list of benefits of Neurobin:

  • Neurobion tablet improves the functioning  nervous system
  • Neurobion also strengthens the immune system.
  • Neurobion tablet is also used to improve the metabolism
  • Neurobion improves skin and hair
  • It is also advised by a doctor to promote the functioning of the liver.

Vitamin B is very important for the proper functioning of the body. B vitamin helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system, production of red blood cells.  B vitamin also helps in improving metabolism.

If a person is not having a deficiency of B vitamin in the body then it may lead to health problems like:

  • People might experience hair loss
  • Some of the skin problems also might arise if a patient has a deficiency of B vitamin.
  • Deficiency of B vitamin may lead to heart failure
  • Patient with deficiency of B vitamin also had kidney problems
  • It may lead to liver problems.
  • Deficiency of B vitamin may also lead to improper functioning of the immune system.
  • Some of the patients with deficiency of B vitamin has also experienced headache, depression, and confusion.
  • Deficiency of B vitamin may lead to weakness and fatigue.
  • People can also have sudden weight loss because of a deficiency of B vitamin.
  • It may lead to nerve pain and also tingling in the hands or feet.

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Neurobion Tablet Side Effects:

Taken in the right dosage, Neurobion rarely has any side-effects. In case of occurrence, it has been observed that these side-effects tend to be very moderate. However, if there are some side-effects then the patient must consult their physician, particularly if side-effects are persistent or hampering normal life.

  • Nausea or restlessness, including difficulty with swallowing normally, and eating
  • Difficulty breathing or persistent coughing may indicate anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction, and the medication should be discontinued immediately and a physician should be consulted
  • Sweating or flushing, a feeling of warmth in the face or ears
  • A mild swelling or hardening of the skin may be felt if Neurobion is taken as an injection, this is unlikely to be serious

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Dosage of Neurobion:

The dosage is typically a single tablet daily. However, this may change according to the patient’s state of health or needs and only a physician who knows all the circumstances can decide the dosage properly.

The dosage may need to be adjusted if the patient is taking other supplements or medicines.

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Composition and Nature of Neurobion:

Neurobion is a combination of the following Vitamins, designed to facilitate better absorption by the body:

  • Vitamin B1 - 100 MG
  • Vitamin B6 - 200 MG
  • Vitamin B12 - 200 MCG

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Neurobion Tablet Price in India:

Specifics Price
Strip of 10 Tablets: Neurobion Plus: Rs 94.82
Strip of 10 Tablets: Neurobion Forte Rs 8.71
Strip of 30 Tablets: Neurobion Forte Rs 26.13

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How Neurobion works?

The vitamin B complex works in several ways to maintain a healthy body, metabolizing carbohydrates to maintain normal growth, and producing antibodies and hemoglobin, as well as keeping blood sugar levels normal. The various components of Neurobion, as well as their purpose, is mentioned below-

  • Vitamin B1, Thiamine mononitrate is essential for converting glucose from our food into energy.
  • Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine, is necessary in order to maintain a healthy nervous system
  • Vitamin B12, Cyanocobalamin, is required for the normal working of the body, helping to absorb iron, reduce anemia, and form new red blood cells.
  • The tablet protects cells against peroxidative damage by increasing the level of glutathione and helps respiration in tissues.

These are often deficient in people with normal diets.

Neurobion Tablet Related Warnings/Precautions:

While Neurobion does not usually have side-effects, patients with certain pre-existing conditions may need to be more careful:

  • Anyone who is trying to get pregnant or is already pregnant, or is breastfeeding should inform their physician before consuming Neurobion Tablet.
  • Any patient with a pre-existing folic acid deficiency or potassium deficiency
  • Patients with known allergic reactions or sinus congestion problems
  • Patients who have diabetes mellitus may need to be careful
  • Patients who have Leber's disease, kidney disease, or any form of liver disease

Neurobion Tablet Substitutes:

There are many substitutes available that provide a combination of Vitamin B1, B6 and B12.

  • Neurobedoxine manufactured by The Schazoo Laboratories
  • Neurovit manufactured by Wilshire Laboratories

These are both popular substitutes as they have the same combination in the same amounts but are somewhat cheaper, and therefore may be preferred for long-term use. However, Neurobion is generally more popular as it is readily available in all medical shops.

Neurobion Tablet Interactions:

Neurobion may have a chance of interacting with a number of other medications, which may either decrease the efficacy of Neurobion, the other medication or increase the risk of major side-effects. It is always safer to mention all medication that is being consumed using to the prescribing physician. Neurobion tablet has a history of negative interactions with the following drugs-

  • Amiodarone
  • Levodopa
  • Levothyroxine
  • Arsenic trioxide
  • Products containing folic acid may be dangerous and long-term use may even lead to kidney damage
  • Furosemide
  • Gabapentin
  • Chloramphenicol
  • Hydrochlorothiazide
  • Lisinopril
  • Other medications like colchicine, metformin, extended-release potassium products may require an adjusted dosage of Neurobion
  • If you have been taking antibiotics then you may get false results for your blood Vitamin B12 level, and taking Neurobion at the same time as antibiotics may not be helpful as they decrease uptake of Vitamine B12
  • Anti-seizure medications like phenobarbital and medications to treat heartburn or proton pump inhibitors may also decrease the effect of Neurobion

Using these medicines with Neurobion may be problematic. Paracetamol and aspirin are not known to have any interaction with Neurobion.


1) Is Neurobion helpful for arthritis and back pain?

Ans: Arthritis patients may be recommended Neurobion and other multivitamins in order to improve bone and cartilage health, as well as their immune system and general health.

For white collar workers, long hours of sitting and a sedentary lifestyle contribute to back pain and may lead to nerve damage, from a deficiency of Vitamin B12. To help with nerve health, patients are sometimes prescribed Neurobion.

2) Why have I been prescribed Neurobion for Major Depressive Disorder?

Ans: One of the medical causes for depression is the lack of serotonin or low levels of serotonin. Low levels of Vitamin B12 will contribute to reducing the level of serotonin and increase fatigue in the patient. Patients with depression are frequently prescribed Neurobion in order to regulate the level of Vitamin B12 and serotonin.

3) Why should I take Neurobion for mouth ulcers?

Ans: Mouth ulcers may be caused due to vitamin deficiencies or iron deficiency. If this is the case, then Neurobion may solve the problem of Vitamin B12 deficiency and cure your mouth ulcer, or prevent further mouth ulcers. Dietary changes are recommended if you are developing frequent mouth ulcers. If you are developing mouth ulcers due to other causes, Neurobion will not help.

4) Who should take Neurobion tablet?

Ans: People who have a deficiency of b vitamin in the body should take Neurobion Tablet. Usually, a person gets an appropriate amount of b vitamin from the normal diet. However, there are few people who generally have a higher risk of B vitamin deficiency in the body. It is advisable to not take Neurobion tablet without the prescription from the doctor.

Here is the list of conditions when a person can take the medicine:

  • People over the age of 50 may have a higher risk of B vitamin deficiency in the body.
  • Women who are pregnant also might have a deficiency of vitamin B in the body.
  • People with any kind of chronic condition
  • People who usually have a restricted kind of diet and B vitamin deficiency can also occur if a person is on a vegetarian diet.
  • If a person takes medicines like metformin or acid reducers then also it may lead to a deficiency of B vitamin

If a person is having a diet which has an adequate amount of Vitamin B then in such cases one should not take Neurobion as it won’t improve the functioning of vital organs of the body. Vitamin B is water soluble, so if in case the level or volume of vitamin B is high then it excretes in the urine. Neurobion is prescribed by the doctor to patients who have a mild deficiency of B vitamin. If in case a person is having a serious deficiency then it is advisable to go to a specialist.

5) What are the common side effects of Neurobion?

Ans: Some of the common side effects that people have experienced after the taking Neurobion tablet are sickness, restlessness, difficulty in breathing, itching of skin, coughing , feeling of warmth, peripheral neuropathies and difficulty in swallowing. However, this is not the complete list of side effects. People might experience other side effects after the consumption of Neurobion. It is advisable to consult a doctor if the symptoms persist for a few weeks.

6) Is it safe to take Neurobion during pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, Neurobion can be taken during pregnancy. However, it is advised to consult a doctor before taking Neurobion tablet. Usually, during pregnancy women have a deficiency of Vitamin B, so Neurobion can be taken during pregnancy. If any side effects occur then immediately consult the doctor.

7) Can I take Neurobion if I am breastfeeding?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to take Neurobion by women who are breastfeeding as it doesn’t pass into the milk. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor and discuss the risk.

8) Can a patient drive after taking Neurobion?

Ans: Yes, one can drive after taking Neurobion as it doesn’t affect the ability to drive. However, if a patient experiences side effects like a headache or drowsiness then one should not drive or operate heavy machinery.

9) What happens if a patient misses a dose of Neurobion?

Ans: Nothing usually happens if a patient misses the dose of Neurobion. However, one should not miss the dose and take it timely as instructed by the doctor or specialist as it may reduce the effectiveness of Neurobion. People should take the dose as soon as they remember but don’t take a double dose if it is time for the second dose.

10) How to store Neurobion?

Ans: Patient should keep Neurobion at a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct heat or sunlight. Also keep Neurobion tablet away from pets and children. People should also not flush the medicine down the toilet as it may contaminate the environment. It is better to consult a doctor or pharmacist to know how to safely discard Neurobion.

11) What happens if a patient takes the expired dose of Neurobion?

Ans: Nothing usually happens if a patient takes a single dose of Neurobion. If any serious side effects occur then immediately consult a doctor. However, one should be on the safer side and check the expiry date of any medicine while purchasing it from the medical store. The expired dose also reduces the effectiveness of Neurobion tablet.

12) What is the normal dose and how a patient should take Neurobion?

Ans: Neurobion are nutritional supplements and one should take it timely as per the instruction by the doctor. However, the normal dose of Neurobion is 2-3 times a day for an adult. The doctor usually prescribes the dose as per the medical condition of the patient so the dosage may differ from person to person. Children should not be given Neurobion.

13) Is Neurobion addictive or habit-forming?

Ans: No, Neurobion is not addictive in nature.  Most of the medicines that are prescribed by the doctor don’t have the potential for addiction or abuse. If there are any such medicines then government categorize those medicines as controlled substance.

14) What happens if a patient takes more than the prescribed dose of Neurobion?

Ans: It is advisable not to take the dose more than the prescribed dosage by the doctor as taking the extra dosage might result in serious side effects. If in case the overdosage of medicines causes serious side effects then immediately consults a doctor.

15) Can a patient with deficiency of Vitamin B and neurological disturbance take the Neurobion?

Ans: Yes, one can take Neurobion in case of neurological deficiency and deficiency of Vitamin B. However, one should not take Neurobion Tablet without the prescription by the doctor.

16) How long Neurobion takes to show the result or effectiveness?

Ans: Any medicine usually takes around a few weeks to show the results and reduce the symptoms. Neurobion takes around 2 weeks and the patient should not stop the dose of Neurobion before the completion of the dosage. Even if the symptoms reduce, the patient should complete the dose as there are chances that the symptoms may increase in a few days.

17) Can a patient take Neurobion on an empty stomach?

Ans: No, people should not take Neurobion on an empty stomach as it may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. People should take Neurobion after food for best results. However, it is advisable to discuss the same with the doctor or specialist.

18) What are the uses of Neurobion tablet?

Ans: Neurobion tablet can be used to treat medical conditions like neurological disorder, mental problems, deficiency of vitamin b12, anemia, heart problem, neurological disturbances, pregnancy complications, homocystinuria, thiamine deficiency, vitamin b12 deficiency, anemia, and pernicious anemia. Patient with this medical condition should only take Neurobion tablet after taking a prescription or consultation by a doctor.

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