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Musculoskeletal issues such as back pain, arthritis, disc bulge, osteoporosis, muscle spasm are quite common these days. And any such health issue should be treated as soon as possible to avoid any complications in the future.

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What Does an Orthopaedic Doctor Treat?

An orthopaedic doctor specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of skeletal deformities and disorders related to the joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons, and skin. Some of the common concerns that require consultation with an orthopaedic doctor (physician) or an orthopaedist (surgeon) are listed below:

Arthritis :

Inflammation of the joints resulting in pain and stiffness can be defined as Arthritis. The problem usually worsens with the age. Some of the health issues related to arthritis are osteoarthritis, septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Still’s disease etc. For proper treatment early diagnosis is important.

Joint pain :

Joint pain can be a sign of some underlying issue. It should not be ignored and you should meet an orthopaedic doctor as soon as possible.

Sprain and Aches :

It may not sound that serious, but prolonged pain can hamper with the normal functioning of the body. And if treatment is not taken at the right time, then it may result in long-term damage.

Posture Correction :

Poor posture may cause damage to the muscles and ligaments. It is imperative to maintain the right posture while walking, sitting and even sleeping. The position should support the muscles and ligaments without any strain.

Sports Injury :

Sports injuries such as sprains, ligaments tearing etc. are common while performing athletic or sports activities, and even exercising. Sports injuries should not be ignored. If proper care is not taken, it may lead to temporary or permanent disabilities.

After examining the health condition of a patient, the doctor may recommend medications, therapies and exercise sessions.The exercise should be performed on regular basis or as recommended by the orthopaedic doctor. In short, if an individual is suffering from prolonged or significant neck pain, backache, shoulder pain or foot pain, it needs to be clinically examined by the doctor.

For example, stiffness in the neck or constant pain in the neck may be a sign of spondylitis, nerve damage or disc bulge. Such kind of pain should be immediately addressed.

How to Find the Best Orthopaedic Near You?

Anything related to health needs proper research and finding an Orthopaedic or orthopaedist is no exception. Before finding one, make sure that you know the different categories of Orthopaedics:

Medical Orthopaedists

Orthopaedic doctors or medical orthopaedists, provide non-surgical treatment and therapies. The area of specialization involves sprains, fractures, strains, sprains, tendinitis, and joint-related injuries. They also diagnose and treat arthritis and osteoporosis, loss of bone density etc. Usually, the therapies include medication, physical therapy, and lifestyle and diet modifications.

Orthopaedic Surgeons

Orthopaedic surgeons hold specialization in surgical procedures to treat problems related to joints, bones, and connective tissues. Some of the examples are shoulder repairs and broken bones, mostly in athletes and elderly people.


They provide treatment for any kind of deformation in foot and ankle.

The above-mentioned categories can give a rough idea regarding Orthopaedic doctors. After understanding the problem, it will be easier to find a good orthopaedic near you:

  • Referrals : It is advisable to ask a healthcare professional or your family and friends for recommendations.
  • Research the Credentials : Once you have the list of best-known orthopaedists nearby, look for other factors such as skills, education, training, experience, etc.
  • Surgeon’s Experience : It is always advisable to consult an experienced doctor or surgeon.
  • Hospital Rating : Before consulting a doctor, the facilities provided by the hospital should also be considered. The facilities include the list of doctors, ambulance service, emergency service, success rate etc.
  • Reviews: Patients’ reviews about a doctor or hospital are considered one of the most important deciding factors. It helps in analyzing the success rate as well the quality of services provided by the hospital or the doctor.

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