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Pediatricians are specialist doctors that provide care for infants, children, and teenagers. To find out the right paediatrician for your child it is required that you understand their role in child healthcare. While searching a paediatrician you need to be well-informed about the educational qualification and experience of the doctor as well. To ease that problem, docprime helps to find out the best child specialists nearby-

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What do Paediatricians treat?

Paediatricians specialize in diagnosing and treating health issues specific to infants and children up to 21 years of age. Usually, paediatricians treat infectious diseases, minor injuries, common illnesses, and administer the vaccination. The role of the paediatrician comes into the picture as soon as a baby is born. Nowadays, it is included in the hospital and health insurance policy as well. As soon as the baby is born the paediatrician monitors the health of the baby. When the mother-baby duo is discharged from the hospital, it is advised to meet a paediatrician after every 48-72 hours, to ensure that the baby is in good health condition. And the visits can be reduced gradually. However, it is suggested to meet a paediatrician every six months to ensure the health of your child (up to 2 years). For children between 2 and 5 years, the paediatrician should be consulted every year or whenever required.

To manage the health of your child, a paediatrician will-

  • Perform the physical examination of your child
  • Suggest periodic vaccinations
  • Identify and treat infections, illness, injuries, and other health concerns
  • Evaluate the timely growth, development and behavior patterns of your time
  • Provide proper information pertaining to your child’s health
  • Provide safety and nutrition charts to accomplish proper fitness goals of your child

They are the first point of contact whenever your child is sick.

A paediatrician specializes in following areas:

  • Diagnosis: It can be challenging to identify the health issues that a child might be experiencing. Identifying the symptoms related to the disease is imperative for the right diagnosis and treatment. Hence, it is important for a doctor to be efficient enough to detect the symptoms and offer the right treatment.
  • Treatment : After understanding the symptoms and performing some tests your paediatrician will recommend the treatment.
    Monitor the Growth : A paediatrician takes care of your child’s growth and related health concerns.
    Vaccination :  It is one of the very important factors that should be taken care off if you want to protect your child from any health complications in future.
  • Nutritional Requirements : For proper growth of children, it is important to ensure that their nutritional requirements are taken care off. A paediatrician can give you a nutrition chart to that your child gets proper nutrition.

How to find the best paediatrician near you?

Well, it is one of the major issues that the parents face. For child-related health problems a paediatrician should be consulted. But finding the best one is important.

And if you have moved from one city to another, it can be more challenging to find a good paediatrician near you. So, here is a checklist that should be kept in mind while finding the best paediatrician nearby-

Education: Check for the educational qualification of the medical practitioner. A paediatrician must hold a bachelor degree from a reputed medical school and should have finished a 3- year residency program in the field.

Certification: It ensures the doctor’s skills to recognize the disease or clinical condition at an early stage and provide the right treatment for an ongoing health condition.
Experience: An experienced paediatrician would have better knowledge regarding prevalent diseases and would be able to recommend the right treatment. It is advisable to check the relevant experience of the doctor before taking an appointment.

Word of Mouth: It would offer great help in finding the right doctor for your child. You can always check with the patients and other people about the doctor as they would be able to suggest a better doctor.

The education gives them special skills to identify health issues related to your child’s health and suggest the necessary treatment.

Consult Top Paediatrician Near you on Docprime

Docprime team has enlisted some of the best Paediatricians for everyone as per the area of residence and different health concerns. Moving to a different city and finding one of the best paediatricians is just a click away. We are not simply announcing that we have got the list of best paediatricians; we have supported our facts with certain proof. You can check the doctor’s qualification, certifications, experience as well as patients’ reviews. And to fix an appointment you just need to download the app from the play store or app store. The appointment can be fixed within a few seconds.In case of emergency, you can consult some of the best doctors online, and they can easily reply you over chat and messages.

In case a lab test is required, the appointment can be fixed as per your convenience. The whole process is quite convenient, time-saving and effective.

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