This condition indicates that you are very close to getting diabetes. In simple terms, it means that your sugar level in the blood is high and it can lead to type 2 diabetes in the future. You should take this as a warning sign and make suitable changes to your lifestyle so that you can stay away from diabetes. Remember that it becomes difficult to handle diabetes with age and you should always take preventive measures at this stage. The condition can be reversed easily from Prediabetes stage and you will be able to get complete relief from all the health problems. You need to understand that this condition may not give proper symptoms in the early stages and you need to get a proper medical checkup done to diagnose the problem. Having a family history of diabetes and being overweight contribute majorly to this condition. However, with proper treatment, this condition can be controlled and you will get back to your normal health in a quick time.

Symptoms of Prediabetes

-  You should be watchful about the symptoms of this condition as they are not specific to Prediabetes and you may confuse them for general weakness. However, you should never neglect them as this can lead to severe complications in the future.

-  The condition progresses in a slow manner and you may not notice any symptoms in most cases. However, you will feel more hungry than usual when you are suffering from this condition.

-  Apart from that, you may also notice that you are losing weight gradually even without any significant changes in your diet. This should be a clear indication that something is wrong with your blood sugar levels and you must get a medical test done to confirm the issue.

-  People suffering from this condition also tend to get more thirsty than usual and this happens due to the excess sugar levels in the blood. It will dehydrate the body and lead to many complications when it is not treated at this stage.

-  All these factors lead to general weakness and this means that you will not have enough strength to complete your everyday activities.

-  When these symptoms are combined with you being overweight or having a family history of such conditions, you need to be extra careful and approach your doctor for a thorough examination.

Causes of Prediabetes

-  It is not yet established properly as to what causes this condition. However, having a family history of diabetes condition is a major contributor to this condition. Apart from that even obesity also plays a major role and when this is accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle and irregular diet, it can easily lead to Prediabetes especially in the middle age.

-  Our body gets glucose from what we eat and sugar gets into the blood through the work of insulin. People suffering from this condition do not have complete ability to process sugar and this accumulates in the body leading to diabetes condition in future.

Risk Factors associated with Prediabetes

- Obesity : When your weight is more than normal, it can lead to various health complications and this also increases your chances of getting Prediabetes. As the body weight increases, it puts pressure on various organs of the body. In this way, the blood pressure may also rise slightly to cope with the increasing demand. This leads to the improper production of insulin in the body and leads to this condition.

- Ageing : the likelihood of getting this condition increases with age. In this regard, you can notice that people above the age of 40 are more likely to get prediabetes even though it can affect young people. This is also due to the fact that middle age people do not get enough physical activity when compared to youngsters and this contributes to increased weight leading to this condition.

- Wrong Diet : If you are not having a healthy diet plan, your body will not get sufficient nutrients and you will be getting more calories than required from beverages and processed foods. This puts a lot of burden on the body as it cannot manage the sugar levels and leads to diabetes condition in future. You can avoid this by including more vegetables, fruits and natural foods in your diet.

- Sedentary Lifestyle : When you are not physically active, you tend to put on weight and this increases the body fat. This can affect the proper working of insulin as these cells become resistant to insulin in many cases. In this way, the glucose in the body gets used at a faster pace and makes the body sensitive to insulin.

- Hereditary Factors : When you have a family history of diabetes, you are also likely to get affected if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. This increases when someone in your family is affected with type 2 diabetes as this is more dangerous than other forms of diabetes.

- Gestational Diabetes : if you had diabetes during pregnancy, you are likely to get into this condition in future. In this situation, even your baby is under risk of developing prediabetes in future. However, with proper care, you can avoid this condition in the future.

- Sleeping disorders : When you are not having proper sleep, it affects the working of insulin and your body develops resistance to insulin in many cases. This puts you at risk of developing this condition especially when you are not sleeping regularly for many days.

- High blood pressure : This condition can get triggered even when you are having high blood pressure. Remember that this also affects the usage of glucose in your body in the long run and also creates a lot of complications with insulin production in the body.

Diagnosis of Prediabetes

- Glycated Hemoglobin test : In this test, the blood sugar levels are measured at regular intervals for two months and the average is taken to measure the amount of blood sugar attached to haemoglobin in the body. In standard terms, any level above 5.7 is considered abnormal and you may need further tests to determine prediabetes condition in your body. However, this test may not give accurate results when you are pregnant.

- Blood Sugar Test (Fasting ): this is the standard test for prediabetes condition and your blood sample will be taken in this test. As per standards, the sugar level below 100 mg/dL is considered normal while fasting. In this test, you should not have taken any food for the past eight hours. For this reason, it is best to get this test done in the morning before eating breakfast. Any level of close to 125 mg/dL is considered a clear case of prediabetes and anything more than this level will certainly lead to diabetes in future.

- Oral Glucose Tolerance Test : In this method, the fasting glucose level is first measured and you will be given some sugary mixture orally. After two hours, your blood sugar level will again be measured and if it is in excess of 140 mg/dL, you are having prediabetes condition.

Prevention of Prediabetes

-  Regular monitoring of your condition will give you a clear idea about your blood sugar levels. In this way, it becomes easy to handle the situation and you can consult your doctor whenever you are having higher levels of blood sugar in your body.

-  When you start eating healthy foods that contain lots of nutrition, you will give your body enough strength and this keeps the production of insulin in proper order. In the same way, you will not build too much fat in the body when you avoid empty calories that come from soft drinks and processed foods. This will help you to avoid insulin resistance in your body.

-  You need to stop smoking if you want to prevent this condition in the future. In the same way, you need to understand that excessive drinking of alcohol can also lead to diabetes in many cases as your body will not be able to handle the blood sugar levels.

-  Do not stress yourself too much as this can increase your chances of getting prediabetes in future. Remember that stress can impair the proper hormonal balance in the body and it will lead to diabetes and other complications in the future.

Treatment for Prediabetes

- Dietary changes : The first step of treating prediabetes condition begins with eating healthy food. You should always choose foods that are not high in calories and those that provide energy in a natural way. Make sure you eat whole grains along with fresh vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. Give importance to nutrition and always ensure that you cut down on consumption of soft drinks and other high-calorie drinks. Also staying away from smoking and alcohol will go a long way in preventing this condition.

- Active Lifestyle : It is also suggested that you have a proper workout regime every day for a few minutes. This will help you to burn calories effectively and you will not develop too many fat cells that can hamper the working of insulin in the body.

- Losing weight : you will be glad to know that even losing a small portion of weight can cut down the risk of prediabetes by a huge margin. In this regard, you should aim to come as close as possible to the normal weight range and lose excess pounds. This will also help you to stay fit and fight other diseases.

- Medication : Finally, you will be given medication to control the symptoms and this will give you temporary relief. However, you need to understand that depending on the medication, in the long run, will eventually lead to diabetes condition and you should always try to control the situation using natural methods.

Complications of Prediabetes

-  The major complication of this condition is that it can lead to type 2 diabetes in the future.

-  Other than that, it can also cause high blood pressure in many individuals due to various complications.

-  In the same manner, it can lead to high cholesterol levels in the body that can further lead to heart disease.

-  Diabetes patients are also under risk of stroke as this can hamper the normal functioning of the brain.

-  This also puts a lot of pressure on the kidney and in extreme cases, it can also cause kidney failure.

-  Many patients suffering from this condition have problems with vision and they often experience blurred vision. In extreme cases, it can even cause blindness.

-  This can also lead to infection in the leg and in severe conditions, it has to be cut to save the remaining organs from getting affected due to this condition.

Myths about Prediabetes

Myth #1: Prediabetes always leads to diabetes

This is not true even though it leads to diabetes in most cases. In many cases, when you take proper care of your health, you will be able to control the symptoms and it will not lead to diabetes in the future. However, you need to monitor your blood sugar levels often even in future so that you do not get back this condition again in future.

Myth #2: Prediabetes only affects middle-aged people

Even though it is true that majority of the patients suffering from this condition belong to middle age group, you need to understand that this condition can easily affect youngsters and even kids. In some cases, children get this condition due to hereditary reasons.

Myth #3: Prediabetes cannot be reversed

This is completely false and you can easily reverse this condition with hard work and dedication towards your lifestyle and eating habits. All you need to do is to monitor your health regularly and control your diet so that you will be able to bring down the sugar levels to normal range.


As you can see, getting timely treatment and making changes to your lifestyle will go a long way in reversing this condition. It is not deadly in most cases when you are leading an active lifestyle. Remember that this condition progresses slowly and you will have time to bring it under control. There is no need to panic as this condition does not always lead to type 2 diabetes. You will be able to reverse the condition with suitable changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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