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Skinlite Cream : Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Skinlite cream is a medical cream which is used to treat skin diseases. Let’s take a look at the kinds of diseases that it can cure or act against:

-  Acne

-  Melasma

-  Acne Vulgaris

-  Age Spots

-  Scalp Dermatitis

-  Skin Trauma

-  Skin allergies

-  Wrinkles


Composition and Nature of Skinlite Cream:

The Skinlite cream consist of three kinds of ingredients namely; hydroquinone topical, mometastone topical and tretinoin topical.


Uses of Skinlite Cream:

The Skinlite cream is one of the most widely used medical creams in the India. With some great compositions involved in the manufacture of the cream, the Skinlite cream turns out to the most effective in fighting several kinds of diseases such as the Acne, Melasma, Age marks, Allergies and many more. The Skinlite cream has had success with many diseases including the most common ones such as the Melasma, Acne and age spots.


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Side Effects of Skinlite Cream:

Although the Skinlite cream has been built to cure with the least amount of side effects, there are still a few things to watch out for when you are using the cream. There are a few common conditions that have been experienced by patients who have used the Skinlite cream. They are listed below:

-  Burning sensations on the skin

-  Irritating sessions on the skin

-  Reactions due to allergy

-  Formation of pimples

-  Skin color lightening

-  Eczema

-  Sense of hyper hypopigmentation

-  Causing depigmentation

If you feel any of these Effects, don't delay in Doctor Consultation


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Skinlite Cream Dosage:

One should never use the cream to such an extent that the cream piles up on the area infected. Two or three rubs of the cream should be more than sufficient for any kind of burn.


How Skinlite Cream Works:

The Skinlite cream might have a few side effects but the impact that it has on lessening the effects of the diseases outweighs the side effects associated with this medicinal cream. The Skinlite cream can be used to work on improving the condition of the specified area which has been affected. There are three key ways by which the Skinlite cream is improves the condition and promotes faster recovery. They have been listed below:

-  The Skinlite cream is tailored to inhibit the enzyme called tyrosinaise.

-  The Skinlite cream will make the anti-inflammatory and other anti-pruritic activities much more evident

-  The Skinlite cream will focus on increasing the amount of follicular epithelial cells which are produced


Precautions and Warnings Related To Skinlite Cream:

One must always be very careful while dealing with skin creams; otherwise there can be always serious consequences. It is of prime importance that the cream be used in the right manner so that it can provide the best results.

Few things to remember when you use the Skinlite cream:

-  Never use it if you have eczematous skin

-  Never consume it orally

-  Never use it on a sun burnt skin

-  Always choose to wash your hands before you apply the cream

-  Never over apply the Skinlite cream

-  Never apply the Skinlite cream in your eyes, nose or ears


Substitutes of Skinlite Cream:

If you think that the Skinlite cream is a little bit too artificial for you to use then you can always opt for other choices which will work better for you. There are a lot of better alternatives to Skinlite cream which you can use for treating any kind of allergies that you might have. There are alternatives such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil etc. which can work in your favor.


Skinlite Cream Interactions:

The Skinlite cream will be dangerous if it reacts with the following kinds of drugs:

-  Resorcinol

-  Sulfur

-  Salicylic Acid

If you are having any of those drugs that are listed above, it might not be a good idea to use Skinlite cream.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


1) What is the frequency of dosage?

Ans: You can use the cream two to three times a day. Over dosage can cause serious skin irritation.


2) Do I need to consume food before I use it?

Ans: It is not dependent on your food intake. However, most common usage is after food intake.


3) Is this medicine addictive?

Ans: This medicine does not fall into the addictive medicines list and has no potential for addiction.


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Last updated on : 17-01-2019
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