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Thyronorm 25 mcg Tablet: Uses, Side Effects and Dosage

Hypothyroidism happens when the thyroid gland cannot produce the required amounts of thyroid hormones. While it may seem like a small issue at first, it is not. One has to remember that unlike the various other organs in our body, the thyroid gland (a tiny, butterfly-shaped organ located at the base of the neck) secretes hormones that regulate the metabolism — a process that affects how the body makes use of energy, apart from controlling other functions. A lack of thyroid hormone in the body can lead to the body’s functions becoming sluggish.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of symptoms of hypothyroidism, which can develop slowly and be mistaken for other conditions like mood swings:

For those above the age of 60:

  1. Heavy menstrual periods (in women)
  2. Fatigue
  3. Sensitivity to cold temperatures
  4. Dry skin
  5. Weight gain
  6. High cholesterol levels
  7. Thinning hair
  8. Trouble sleeping
  9. Difficulty concentrating
  10. Depression
  11. Constipation
  12. Pain or swelling of the joints
  13. Muscle weakness

For infants:

  1. Constipation
  2. Frequent choking
  3. Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes)
  4. Puffy face

For teens and children:

  1. Coarse, dry hair or skin
  2. Poor growth or short stature
  3. Weight gain
  4. Muscle cramps
  5. Increased menstrual flow for girls
  6. Delayed mental development
  7. Slow reaction time
  8. Delayed puberty

If someone is suffering from some of the common symptoms of this condition, like hoarse voice, constipation, fatigue and dry skin, they can turn to the doctor for help, who will either take a physical exam, imaging scan, or blood test to reveal if the patient is suffering from hypothyroidism. With this in mind, we will have a look today at one of the medicines to help combat this condition, called Thyronorm.

Thyronorm Composition and Nature

Thyronorm is made up of thyroxine/levothyroxine (25mcg). It is manufactured by Abbott India Ltd and comes in the form of a tablet.


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Thyronorm Uses

Thyronorm is used to treat hypothyroidism and plays an important role in regulating the body’s metabolism, apart from keeping in check the functioning of the digestive system and heart. An underactive thyroid is also treated using this drug. Apart from this, some of the other issues for which this drug can be used are:

  1. Myxedema Coma
  2. Thyroid Cancer

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Thyronorm Side Effects

Dangerous side effects are of rare occurrence but can still be serious in nature. Here is a list of side effects that a patient may experience due to consumption, so they can stay alert and look out for them s:

  1. Muscle cramps
  2. Muscle weakness
  3. Chest pain
  4. Restlessness
  5. Muscle cramping
  6. Intolerance to heat
  7. Difficulty in sleeping
  8. High temperature
  9. Headache
  10. Nausea & Vomiting
  11. Abdominal cramps
  12. Temporary hair loss
  13. Excessive sweating
  14. Sleeplessness
  15. Chest Pain
  16. Tremor
  17. Loss of weight
  18. Diarrhea
  19. Pain in the chest
  20. Problems with breathing
  21. Irregular menses
  22. Anxiety
  23. Palpitations
  24. Nervousness
  25. Weight loss

If one gets any allergic reactions due to this drug, they should contact the doctor immediately.


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Thyronorm Dosage

Thyronorm should be taken in the dose and time as suggested by the physician. The tablet must be swallowed as whole and must not be chewed or crushed for any reason. Completing the dose is important else the condition could continue worsening. It should be remembered that a patient, if he/she is under any other kind of medication, should inform the physician of the same. Sometimes, suffering from some other health issues can lead to susceptibility to side effects, so informing the doctor of any such conditions is necessary. Sometimes, the patient’s present health condition and medical history is also taken into account when deciding upon the dose. For best results the tablet should be taken on an empty stomach.

If dose is missed, then one should take it as soon as they remember, but if it is too close to the next dosage time, then it should be skipped. If an overdose occurs, then the doctor must be called immediately.


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How Thyronorm works?

Thyronorm acts as a kind of clone of the thyroid hormone which is produced by the thyroid gland. It replaces thyroid hormones which are not secreted by ther thyroid gland and gets rid of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Thyronorm related Warnings/Precautions

Alcohol should be avoided during the dosage period, as interaction results are unknown. The drug usually does not affect pregnant and lactating women. There is also limited data regarding consumption by kidney and liver patients, so they should also make a trip to the doctor’s office before deciding to take this drug.

Driving when under dosage is also fine, and as an extension, one can use heavy machinery when under dosage.

However, patients with medical problems like heart disease, problems with cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, problems with the functioning of the pituitary gland, and underactive or overactive thyroid should make a visit to the doctor before consuming this tablet.


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Thyronorm Substitutes

Some alternatives for Thyronorm are:

-       Eltroxin 25 mcg tablet (manufactured by Glaxo SmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd)

-       Thyroxinol 25 mcg tablet (Knoll Pharmaceuticals Ltd)

-       Thyrox 25 mcg tablet (Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd)

-       Thyroup 25 tablet (Lupin Ltd)

-       Thyrochek 25 mcg tablet (Mankind Pharma Ltd)

-       Lethyrox 25 mcg tablet (Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd)

-       Thyrorich 25 mcg tablet (Primus Pharmaceuticals)

-       Thyroactiv 25 mcg tablet (Leeford Healthcare Ltd)


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Drug interactions could change the workings of any prior medication and also increase the risk of any serious side effects. It is best not to start, stop, or change dosage of any medication unless one has gotten approval from the doctor. Patients should not consume Thyronorm if they are also using the following drugs:

  1. Phenothiazines
  2. Methyldopa
  3. Haloperidol
  4. Metoclopramide

They should also avoid the tablet if they have any of these conditions:

  1. CVD (Cardiovascular Disease)
  2. Adrenal Failure
  3. Obesity
  4. Hypertension
  5. Myocardial Infarction

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1.Does Thyronorm have addictive properties?

Ans; No. Medicines that are addictive usually get classified as schedule H or X in India. Thyronorm does not fall into that category. Better to read the package information carefully before using.


2. If I have consumed an expired dose of this medicine, what must I do?

Ans; An expired dose of Thyronorm may not be harmful, but it is better to consult your physician just to be safe.


3. Can this tablet be used for hormonal replacement therapy?

Ans; Yes, Thyronorm can be used for hormonal replacement therapy, since it does act as a replacement for naturally produced thyroid hormones.


4. Can Thyronorm lead to weight loss?

Ans; Using this drug comes with weight loss as a side effect, but, that does not mean it should be used for weight loss.


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Last updated on : 27-12-2018
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