The blood vessels in our body can sometimes suffer from inflammation leading to this condition. It affects the blood flow as the blood vessels that are affected become weak and they can also become narrow and get stretched. In this situation, it can completely affect the blood flow to the affected organ and cause serious complications. However, this condition is not very common and it usually blocks the supply of blood in a partial way. The exact cause of this condition is not known and the condition is rather rare. It can affect any organ of the body and the symptoms vary depending on which organ is affected by this condition. The treatment involves using the medication in the early stages to reduce the inflammation of blood vessels. However, when the damage to the organ is more, you may also need surgery to get complete relief from this problem.

Types of Vasculitis

-  Behcet's Vasculitis : During this condition, the arteries and veins suffer inflammation.

-  Buerger Disease: In this condition, the hands and feet suffer inflammation and you can also see blood clots in this region.

-  Churg Strauss syndrome : This condition causes damage to the kidney and heart along with the lungs. It can also affect the nervous system in the body.

-  Cryoglobulinemia : During this condition, abnormal proteins get accumulated in the blood and lead to various complications.

-  Giant Cell Arteritis : When inflammation appears in the arteries of the head region, you will suffer from this condition.

-  Hypersensitivity Vasculitis : This condition occurs as a result of some side effect of some medication or it can also be due to some infection in the body.

-  Microscopic Polyangiitis : During this condition, the small blood vessels can get affected especially in the kidney and lungs region. It can also cause severe pain in the stomach and even lead to fewer symptoms.

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Symptoms of Vasculitis

- The symptoms of this condition may vary depending on the type of Vasculitis affecting the body. In general cases, you can notice fever and fatigue during this condition. Apart from that, patients may also experience significant weight loss coupled with general weakness.

- The common symptoms of Behcet's Vasculitis include ulcers in the mouth and acne on the body. You can also notice inflammation in the eye region.

- During Buerger Disease, patients suffer from pain in the hands and feet and ulcers can also be seen in the affected area.

- The Churg Strauss syndrome can affect nerves and lead to pain in the body. It can also cause nasal allergies and even lead to asthma in severe cases.

- The symptoms of Cryoglobulinemia include pain in the joints and tingling sensation accompanied by general weakness.

- When you are suffering from Giant Cell Arteritis, you will experience headaches coupled with vision blurriness. In extreme cases, it can even lead to complete loss of vision.

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Causes of Vasculitis

- The exact cause of this condition is not yet determined and it is generally understood that it results from inflammation of the blood vessels. It happens due to the overreaction of the immune system in the body when it gets some infection.

- In general cases, you will notice that having infections like hepatitis B and C can result in this condition in many individuals. This can also happen due to the side effects of the medication taken to treat such conditions.

- You are also likely to get this condition when you are suffering from blood cancer. For this reason, you should be aware of the symptoms and always go for a thorough diagnosis whenever you notice any abnormal reactions in the body.

- It can also be the result of some immune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis. You should go for a regular checkup when you are suffering from such conditions and ensure that you take suitable medication to control the symptoms. In this way, it becomes easy to avoid this condition in the future.

- The most likely external cause of this disease is the medication taken to treat some existing health conditions. Remember that many medications have side effects and it may not reflect on every individual in the same manner. For this reason, you should carefully discuss your problems with the doctors and get suitable medication that will not cause such side effects in your body.

- You will be increasing your chances of getting this condition when you smoke too much. It can cause inflammation of the lungs and this will put you under risk of developing this condition in future.

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Diagnosis of Vasculitis

- Some of the symptoms of this condition are not specific to Vasculitis and your doctor will ask you to undergo many tests before determining this condition.

- In the first stage, a blood test will be done to check the inflammation in the blood vessels and when your blood is affected, it will have a high dose of protein. Your body will naturally produce antibodies to defend against such conditions and having a blood test will give out complete insight into the condition.

- The most common symptom of inflammation of blood cells is the high amounts of protein in the urine along with red blood cells. For this reason, a urine test will be conducted to check this factor in the body. This needs to be treated urgently as it may indicate various problems with serious complications in the future.

- In order to determine the damage to organs due to the inflammation, imaging tests like CT scan and PET test may be required along with an MRI scan of the affected region. This test may also be conducted during the process of treatment to determine the response of the body to the medication.

- The angiography test that will provide the X-ray of the blood vessels will give complete insight into the inflammation in the blood vessels. This will help the doctors to analyze the type of Vasculitis and they can begin the treatment without any doubts about this matter.

- Finally, a biopsy of the affected organ may also be taken to rule out severe complications as this condition can cause severe organ damage in a few cases. In this way, treatment will be given to control inflammation and also to reduce organ damage.

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Prevention of Vasculitis

- As the main cause for this condition is not yet established, it is difficult to pinpoint preventive measures for this condition. However, you can take general precautions to avoid inflammation in the body as this is known to trigger Vasculitis in many individuals.

- Remember that having proper blood flow to all the organs is very important for their healthy working and you can easily maintain this by leading a healthy lifestyle. All you need to do is to work out regularly and eat a healthy diet that will supply good nutrition to your body.

- Apart from that, you should also avoid excessive smoking and alcohol consumption as they can cause inflammation in the abdomen and chest region. You should completely avoid them when you are suffering from any health conditions as this can aggravate the symptoms in a quick time.

- If you are working for long hours in a sitting position, make sure that you take a break once in a while and walk for a few minutes. This will improve blood circulation throughout the body and blood will not clot in the legs. This is the major cause for inflammation of blood vessels in the leg region and you should take precautionary measures to avoid such complications in future.

- It is also a good thing to lie down for some time by keeping your legs in an elevated position. This will reverse the blood flow from the legs to the upper body and it will reduce the chances of blood clotting in the leg region.

- You can also choose to use some compression socks that will provide relief from leg swelling and blood clotting in the leg region. However, you should use them only after consulting your doctor as they will suggest the best option suited to your overall health condition.

- Also, make sure that you eat proper food that keeps the blood circulation in a proper manner. You should also make it a point to eat foods that are well known to reduce inflammation in the body and this will naturally provide protection against various diseases.

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Treatment for Vasculitis

- The treatment for this condition depends majorly on what organs are affected and it will also focus on avoiding a relapse of this condition in the future.

- When you are suffering from this condition due to an infection, treating the infection is more than enough as the symptoms of this condition will go away once the infection is reduced in the body.

- In most cases, using steroid medication will give effective results in the short run. However, when it comes to using them for a long duration, you need to be careful as this can cause various side effects. In some cases, even drugs used for cancer may be effective in reducing the inflammation in the body.

- In rare cases, surgery may be needed to treat the affected organs or remove the blockage that is affecting vital organs in the body.

- Even after treatment is given and the inflammation is reduced, you need to be careful as it may relapse at a later stage. For this reason, medication is given to keep the condition under control for a long duration.

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Complications of Vasculitis

- Depending on the type of vasculitis, the complications can also be severe. However, most of the conditions are very rare and they can be handled with proper treatment.

- In most cases, complications arise out of the medication given to treat the inflammation in the body. This can have some side effects and lead to various complications depending on your overall health condition.

- In rare cases, this condition can cause complete organ damage when the blood flow to the organ is completely blocked due to the inflammation. In this situation, surgery may be needed to clear the blockage and restore the organ to its working condition.

- In extreme cases when this blockage is in the retinal region, it can cause complete loss of vision. This usually happens due to other complications and when treatment is not provided at the right time.

- It can also lead to various infections like pneumonia which can become fatal when you do not get proper treatment. It can also cause sepsis and other forms of a blood infection in many cases.

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Myths about Vasculitis

Myth #1: Vasculitis is very common :

The good thing about this condition is that it is very rare and it affects very fewer people when compared to other diseases. However, you should never neglect this condition and take the symptoms seriously and visit your doctor when you notice anything wrong with your body.

Myth #2: Vasculitis is a chronic condition :

It can be easily treated when you get a proper diagnosis in the early stages. In most cases, it will not come back and it can easily be treated with proper medication. Only in rare cases, it comes back and you will need further treatment to resolve the issue.

Myth #3: Vasculitis is not a serious condition :

In a few cases, this can lead to fatal consequences when it is not diagnosed properly. As some of the symptoms are common to other conditions, few people do not get proper treatment at the right time and they face such consequences at a later stage.

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When you notice such symptoms, you should immediately visit your doctor and get a thorough diagnosis done to determine the condition. Remember that this can also lead to fatal consequences if you neglect them in the early stages. As the blood flow to vital organs can get affected when you are suffering from this condition, you need to be very careful about its symptoms and get suitable treatment. It is easy to control the inflammation in most cases using proper medication and surgery is usually used only as a last resort when everything else fails to provide relief from symptoms. The condition, however, is not very common and you need not worry when you get a regular medical checkup done as detecting them in early stages will ensure that you will be able to treat them effectively without any problems.

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