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Veterinary doctors are skilled in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health issues in animals and birds. The top veterinary doctors near you hold expertise in performing routine and emergency surgeries such as neutering, hematoma, pyometra, castration, soft tissue surgeries, and cesarean surgery.

What Do Veterinary Doctors Treat?

Commonly called a Vet, a Veterinary doctor is a medical professional who practices medicine in non-human animals. The best veterinary doctors are experienced in conducting a thorough examination to detect health issues in animals. The scope of their analysis includes all the species of animal and birds, both domestic and wild.

A Veterinary doctor may specialize in the following subspecialties:

  • Ethology - Scientific and objective study of animal behaviour.
  • Zoological Medicine ­ - Subspecialty of veterinary medicine that focuses on the health of the zoo animals, wildlife species and aquatic animals.
  • Veterinary Immunology - Branch of veterinary science that focuses on all aspects of the immune system of animals.
  • Theriogenology - It is concerned with the reproduction system of animals. It also includes physiology and pathology of the reproductive system of animals.
  • Forensic Veterinary -Subspecialty of veterinary medicine that uses veterinary knowledge to the purpose of the law. It is important when animals are involved in litigation as a cause of an incident, or as a victim or a witness.

A few other subspecialties in which a vet may specialize include anesthesiology, animal welfare, shelter medicine, parasitology, veterinary pathology, veterinary oncology, veterinary immunology, veterinary surgery, laboratory animal medicine, and veterinary radiology.

With their skills and training in different subspecialties, Veterinary doctors may offer different treatments to improve the health of the animals. A few common treatments available under a veterinary doctor are:

  • Medicinal Treatments -It involves the use of drugs to cure various ailments in animals. Some commonly used drugs are anthelmintics, respiratory drugs, antibiotics, central nervous system medication, ophthalmological drugs, kidney medications and vitamin supplements. The treatment also involves behavioural modification and hormone balancing.
  • Pain Management - The treatment involves the use of physical therapies and medicines to relieve acute and chronic pain in animals. The pain may be due to an injury, illness or side-effect of the medications.
  • Weight Management - Studies show that approximately 60% of domestic animals are overweighed. The treatment involves dietary changes, changes in feeding pattern, physical exercises and medications.
  • Veterinary Surgery -When animals suffer from extreme medical conditions such as a tumour, traumatic injury, ulcers etc. vet may perform surgical procedures to provide relief to them. Veterinary surgery treatment involves diagnosis, incisions, surgical instrument placement, suturing as well as tissue modification.
  • Dental Treatments - Just like human beings, animals also need to have oral health and hygiene. And, for this reason, dental treatment is offered to them. The treatment includes tooth extractions, oral surgery, filling up of cavities, scaling and root planning.
  • Emergency Care - Emergency care is required by the animals in case of accidents, fatigue or faints, high fever and vomiting. Veterinary emergency care and critical care involves the lab services, surgeries, blood transfusion, oxygen therapy, and tonometry.
  • End-of-Life-Services - These services include euthanasia for animals whose conditions are no longer treatable and bereavement services for fellow animals.

How to Find the Best Veterinary Doctor Near Me?

There are plenty of ways to find the top veterinary doctors near you . Some of them are:

  • Choose Smart Tools –The most convenient way to find the best veterinary doctor nearby is to use smart online tools. One such smart tool is DocPrime. It is one of the leading health service providers in the country that is available on Play Store, App Store and as a desktop website. At DocPrime, you can search amongst 25,000+ verified doctors. The portal allows you to read and post the reviews about the doctor. By reading reviews posted by other patients, you can have a fair idea about the services of the doctor.
  • Ask Your Friends and Family – It is one of the most effective approaches to find the finest veterinary doctor near you . Communicate with your friends and family who share your value; they can guide you well.
  • Ask for a referral from your general physician –If your personal recommendations don’t work, meet your general physician or family doctor to ask them for referrals. Physicians can be a great source of information to find a specialist near you.
  • Call around different places to speak to the doctors – When no approach works, just grab the directory, call different hospitals and medical schools to get info about the top veterinary doctors near you .

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