X-Ray B/L SI Joints Oblique

About the test

SI joint also known as Sacroiliac joint and is present in between the sacrum and ilium bones of the pelvis. The x-ray of SI joint is used to visualize the area of the back where the spine bone joins with the pelvis. The image is recorded in a black and white image.

Why get tested?

This x-ray test is to diagnose the cause of lower back pain which could be due to multiple reasons. Some of the reasons for pain in lower back are sacroilitis or ankylosing spondylitis. This test can also diagnose any suspected infection, abnormal growth, or fracture in the bones. This x-ray could also be helpful in monitoring the healing of back bone (after it has been set).


The patients might be required to wear gowns before the x-ray. Pregnant women are required to tell their doctors before the x-ray as the radiations might affect the fetus. Jewelry, or metal objects are not allowed in the room where the x-rays take place.

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X-Ray B/L SI Joints Oblique