X-Ray Coccyx AP & LAT VIEW

About the test

An X-Ray Coccyx AP & LAT View test is a simple and absolutely non- invasive test used to get a pictorial description of the Coccyx which is the last bone of the spine. An image of the last bone of the spine which is located right above the anus is recorded on an X-ray film. This is done by exposing the Coccyx to a small amount of radiation for less than a second.

Procedure of the Test:

  • The patient is advised to lie on the X-ray table facing upwards.
  • The pelvis must be held still during the test.
  • The radiologist will position the patient in a manner where the most appropriate image of the Coccyx can be obtained.

Why get tested?

This test helps in assessing the discomfort of the Coccyx as well as the lower back pain. An X-ray is used to identify any fractures, signs of injury, inflammation and disc ailments. 
A lower back X-ray is used to diagnose any ailments pertaining to the Coccyx and lower back. A few reasons why the test is prescribed is for such as-

  • Assessing the cause of persisting lower back pain
  • Identifying any signs of injury or fracture in the lower bones of the spine especially Coccyx.
  • Evaluating arthritis, osteoporosis or any toxicity around the spinal cord.
  • Looking for any abnormal growth or suspected tumors, birth defects or infections in the spine

This test includes

  • X-Ray Coccyx AP & LAT VIEW


  • The patient may be asked to wear a loose fitted gown for easy positioning in order to take the X-ray image.
  • It is advisable to not wear any metal object or accessory around the waist and lower back.
  • The patient may be asked to empty their bowels and bladder before the test.

Frequently asked questions

Q.Is this test safe?

This test is safe for everyone other than pregnant females. This is because of the exposure to X- rays may have an ill effect on the fetus. Thus, a doctor must be consulted before getting any type of X-ray when pregnant.

Q.What are the shortcomings of getting an X-Ray Coccyx AP & LAT View test?

It is a safe test for analyzing any ailments in the spine and the Coccyx but it does not clearly illustrate the structure and condition of the soft tissues, tendons, and fat cells. Other than this, the test also exposes the patient to X- rays which have a tendency to have an ill effect on the body. Note: It must be noted that the event of the occurrence of the side effects is almost non- existent, making the process safe.

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X-Ray Coccyx AP & LAT VIEW

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