X-Ray Wrist

About the test

X-ray Wrist is an imaging test performed to obtain a pictorial representation of the wrist which includes the carpal bones, Ulna, Distal radius, Carpometacarpal joint, and the radiocarpal joint. The image is recorded on a black film by using a small amount of radiation. An X-ray wrist helps the doctor to diagnose various ailments associated with the complex bones and tissues present in the wrist.

An X-Ray Wrist test has a standard procedure depending on the type of image required by the doctor or the radiologist to make a diagnosis.

  • The radiologist will position the x-ray machine and the patient’s body as per the requirement.
  • As movement may cause blurry images, the patient is advised to remain still during the x-ray test.
  • The doctor may administer a contrast dye into the patient’s wrist to access various muscles and nerves through the X-ray. The dye may be given in different ways, including:
  1. As an enema before the test
  2. Injected into the body
  3. Via a liquid that the patient can swallow
  • The image will be captured by the x-ray machine.

Why get tested?

A doctor may ask the patient to undergo an x-ray wrist test

  • To diagnose a fractured bone in the wrist
  • To diagnose deformities or abnormal growth of the bones present in the wrist
  • To monitor the healing of the broken bone or muscle in the wrist

In some cases, an X-ray wrist may be prescribed along with a series of other tests to diagnose a condition.


  • If the patient is pregnant, they are advised to inform the doctor so that required precautions can be taken to lower the exposure of the radiation to the fetus.
  • It is suggested to remove the jewellery and other metal objects before an x-ray as they may obstruct the image to be obtained.
  • The radiologist may ask the patient to wear a hospital gown depending on the area to be visualized.

Frequently asked questions

Q.What are the various risks associated with an x-ray?

X-ray is performed using ionizing radiation which may cause damage to the cells in the body. This may not cause serious damage as only a small amount of radiation is used to perform an X-ray, although high doses may cause the cells to become cancerous. The dye used during the x-ray may cause an allergic reaction in some cases.

Q.Who interprets the results of an X-ray?

A radiologist interprets the results of an X-ray. A radiologist analyses and reads the X-ray image and prepares a final report.

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