Zincovit Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Composition and Dosage

Zincovit Uses & Side Effects

Zincovit Tablet is multi-vitamin and minerals tablet manufactured by Apex Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Active ingredients of Zincovit tablet include Biotin, Carbohydrates, Chromium, Copper, Folic acid, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Niacinamide, Selenium, Essential advanced vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, E) and Zinc.

Zincovit Tablet Nature:

Dietary supplement

Zincovit Tablet Uses:

Decrease in appetite, hair loss, confirmed or suspected vitamin deficiencies, general weakness and loss of energy, skin and general well-being

Zincovit Tablet Composition:

Vitamins, minerals , folic acid, iodine and zinc

Zincovit Tablet Side effects:

Constipation, kidney stones, nerve damage and itching


Alcohol, pregnancy and breastfeeding(only if recommended)

Zincovit Tablet Price in India:

  • Zincovit Tablet Price - Price : Rs. 160 (Pack of 2) , Rs.316 (Pack of 4)
  • Zincovit Syrup Price - Price : Rs. 217(Pack of 2) , Rs.424.8( Pack of 4)
  • Zincovit Oral drops - Price : Rs. 86 (Pack of 2) , Rs.172 (Pack of 4)

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Composition & Ingredients in Zincovit Tablet and Syrup:

Zincovit tablet contains  Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, and E, minerals and Zinc. Zincovit tablet is prescribed by doctors in suspected cases of dietary deficiency and in diseases when proper nutrition absorption by the body gets hampered or in any medical situation in which the body is not able to derive proper nutrition from regular food intake.

Uses and Benefits of Zincovit Tabet and Zincovit Syrup:

Zincovit tablet is prescribed by doctors for treatment of numerous medical conditions that might lead to deficiencies, these include but not exclusively:

  • Appetite loss and weight loss conditions
  • Hair loss, skin problems, weak nails
  • Anemia (megaloblastic, pernicious, nutritional, pregnancy, infancy and childhood)
  • Thiamine deficiency and other deficiency diseases like scurvy
  • Diarrhea, inability to absorb nutrients
  • Recovery and Convalescence
  • General weakness or fatigue conditions
  • After surgical procedures
  • During pregnancies and growth years
  • To treat vitamin and zinc deficiencies
  • Nutritional support in acute or chronic illnesses
  • Nutritional supplement
  • Eye problems
  • Skin diseases
  • Aphthous ulcers

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Side Effects of Zincovit:

Some of the side effects reported for Zincovit tablet include the following (these are not exclusive):

  • Zincovit may cause Bad heavy taste in mouth
  • Burps causing heavy metallic taste in mouth
  • Zincovit tablet may cause Allergy, sickness, drowsiness
  • Hot flushes
  • Kidney stone
  • Damage to Nerves
  • Dry Mouth
  • Metallic taste
  • Difficult Urination
  • Itching
  • A bad Cough
  • Swelling of throat, face, lips
  • Seizures
  • Skin Rash
  • Constipation

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Common Dosage of Zincovit Tablet:

The Dosage of Zincovit tablet may vary as per medical condition . Dosage of zincovit usually prescribed is one to two tablets per day or thrice a week depending upon doctor’s advice. Common dosage is once a day. Over dose of Zincovit tablet is not advised and can lead to harmful effects. Consult your doctor on dosage.

How to use Zincovit?

Zincovit tablet is to be taken as a whole as its tastes quite bitter. Though, the tablet of zincovit is well water soluble in stomach gives, the medicine gives best result when swallowed. One can take a  zincovit tablet after having a breakfast.

One should not use the zincovit after the expiry date that is mentioned in the packaging. The expiry means the last day of the month. In terms of disposal, always ask the pharmacist as to how to dispose the zincovit tablet when not in use.

Variants of Zincovit:

Suspension form of Zincovit:

  • The suspension form of Zincovit is an advanced formula of high concentration of minerals, vitamins and zinc. The latter element helps in boosting immunity. Vitamin A is an effective immune booster that provides immunity, while vitamin C promotes growth and repairs tissues in various body parts.
  • The zincovit syrup acts as a nutritional supplement and helps in absorbing calcium by the body as well. This form of medicine helps in curing diabetic, tubercular and rheumatic patients and those who are suffering from chronic diseases. Zincovit syrup can be used as a dietary supplement that is helpful in fatigue, pregnancy and vitamin and zinc deficiency.
  • The zincovit syrup should be taken in a measuring cup as told by the doctor. It can be taken before or after a meal but it is better to consume it after a meal.

How to store Zincovit Tablet?

It is advisable to store the medicine at room temperature below 25 C, away from sunlight and moisture. Keep zincovit medicine at place where children cannot reach it.

How does Zincovit tablet Works?

The minerals and vitamins in Zincovit tablet enter the body through the oral route and are directly absorbed by the body. Zincovit contains Selenium and Zinc which strengthen the immunity system of the body. Vitamin A helps in healthy growth of cells and Vitamin C helps in repair of body tissues. Vitamin D in Zincovit aids in the absorption of Calcium by the body. The anti-oxidant vitamins present in Zincovit tablet destroy the free radicals in the body and thereby protect the body against several diseases.

Precautions and Warnings - When to Avoid Consumption of Zincovit?

Any abnormal symptoms should be immediately reported to Doctor. People with certain medical conditions may not be prescribed Zincovit like abrasions, acute dermatitis or eczema, anemia, bleeding problems, lactating mothers, bleeding problems, bleeding wounds, allergies, allergy to Selenium, copper deficiency, breathing difficulties and other medical conditions. Avoid talking tablet of Zincovit on an empty stomach or with alcohol. Listed below are few more conditions that should be taken care of while consumption of the tablet:

Medicines that should not be taken with Zincovit tablet:

There are few medicines that can worsen the health condition of the patient if consumed together. Listed below are few medicines that may interact with Zincovit if taken together:

  • Anisindione
  • Bortezomib
  • Capecitabine
  • Cholestyramine
  • Colesevelam
  • Colestipol
  • Dicumarol
  • Fluorouracil
  • Orlistat
  • Sevelamer
  • Warfarin

When Zincovit Tablet is prescribed?

  • Hair loss: This problem is very common as a person ages. Hair loss is common if one has certain disease, such as thyroid, diabetes and lupus. One can experience hair loss, if they gone through chemotherapy or have certain kinds of medicine. Some of the other causes are lack of protein diet, stress and family history.
  • Eye disorders: A person suffering from diabetes with high blood sugar levels may affect his eyes. Two eye problems, such as cataract and glaucoma. The presence of zinc in the medicine helps in improving the vision. The zinc supplements lowers the progression of age-related muscular degeneration and change in eyesight that comes as a person ages.

Substitutes of Zincovit Tablet and Syrup:

The available substitutes of Zincovit tablet includes the following but recommended only on doctor’s prescription:

  • Axbex suspension by Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Fizovit tablet by Depsons Healthcare
  • Vitocos capsule by Symbiosis Lab
  • Zytamin syrup by Senses Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Elcoplex Z capsule by Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Zincobion syrup by Senate Laboratories
  • Fitovit capsule/syrup by JB Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Optineuron Forte Tablet manufactured by Lupin Ltd
  • Beminal Forte Tablet Manufactured by overseas healthcare Ltd
  • Asmavit Tablet Manufactured by Meyer organics Pvt Ltd.
  • Oxzim Plus Tablet manufactured by shine pharmaceuticals limited
  • Shinofit Tablet manufactured by shine pharmaceuticals limited
  • Cadbe Tablet manufactured by cachet  pharmaceuticals limited
  • Oxynil Tablet manufactured d. pharmaceuticals private limited
  • Riconia LP Tablet manufactured by Ranbaxy labs
  • Polybion Czs Tablet manufactured by merck limited
  • One UP Gold D Tablet manufactured by torrent pharmaceuticals limited
  • Nutrolin B (New) Peditabs manufactured by cipla Limited
  • V & M Tablet manufactured by Alkem Laboratories

Zincovit tablet Interactions with Other Drugs:

Zincovit tablet may have drug interactions with several substances including Actinomycin, Alcohol, Alendronate, Birth control pills, Aspirin, Barbiturates, certain anti diabetic drugs and several other substances.

FAQs Answered

1) How long does Zincovit tablet take to be effective?

Ans: Usually one week of regular consumption as per doctor’s advice is recommended for Zincovit tablet to show its healing effects on the body.

2) How should Zincovit tablet be taken?

Ans: Zincovit tablet is best taken after food intake as taking it empty stomach may cause metallic taste in mouth.

3) Can I take one tablet of Zincovit tablet if I have missed my meal?

Ans: Zincovit tablet is not recommended as substitutes for meal. Zincovit is prescribed by doctors only for medical conditions which involve suspension of normal ability of body to acquire nutrition from food or in cases of auto immune deficiencies. If you have a busy life schedule and are not able to derive required nourishment then you may take dietary advice from dieticians on quick foods that can provide complete nutrition and which is suitable for you.

4) My child has milk intolerance; can he take Zincovit tablet to make up for the lack of nutrients?

Ans: It is not advisable to start your child on Zincovit without medical advice. It is better to consult your doctor who may advice substitutes of milk which your child can digest without trouble. Doctors may advice tablet of Zincovit for children if they report severe eating disorders so as to immediately correct the deficiencies but not as a long term supplement for curing the problem.

5) What are the side effects caused by Zincovit?

Ans: Like all medicines, The tablet of zincovit also causes some side effects, but is not necessary that everybody should get them. some of the most common side effects of this medicine are allergic reactions, difficulty in breathing, nausea, and vomiting, etc.

6) What are the benefits of taking Zincovit tablet?

Ans: A tablet of zincovit contains carbohydrate, biotin, folic acid, iodine, zinc and variants of vitamin as active ingredients. The zincovit provides the following benefits:

  • Appetite loss and weight loss conditions
  • Hair loss, skin problems, weak nails
  • Anemia (megaloblastic, pernicious, nutritional, pregnancy, infancy and childhood)
  • Thiamine deficiency and other deficiency diseases like scurvy
  • Diarrhea, inability to absorb nutrients
  • Recovery and Convalescence
  • General weakness or fatigue conditions
  • After surgical procedures

7) Is it safe to take Zincovit tablet or syrup during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Ans: Taking Zincovit while pregnancy is not safe, but can be taken when it gets absolute necessary, but only under medical supervision. Same in the case of breastfeeding a baby, women should consult their doctors before starting with the zincovit medication as it may cause neonatal goiter and hypothyroidism.

8) How does taking Zincovit daily is beneficial?

Ans: Zincovit tablet contains biotin, folic acid, iron, minerals and vitamins as active ingredients. It is very effective in treating all immune deficiency disorders.

This medicine improves patient’s health by playing the following roles:

  • It helps in preventing the deficiency of vitamin B12 and biotin.
  • Helps to breakdown the proteins in the digestive process.
  • It helps in increasing the absorption of calcium and phosphorus that plays an important role in making your bones strong.
  • Zincovit helps in managing the deficiency of vitamin B2.
  • Helps in the formation of new blood cells.
  • Relaxes muscles and nerves during stress.

9) Is it safe to drive after taking this medicine?

Ans: Zincovit tablet may decrease your level of alertness that causes dizziness, headache and blurred vision. Therefore, one should avoid driving.

10) What things one should keep in mind while taking Zincovit tablet?

Ans: Zincovit provides nutritional support to patients suffering from acute and chronic diseases and also for cardiac and diabetic patients.

One should take the following measures while taking Zincovit, such as:

  • Try to avoid alcohol till 3 days of administration of Zincovit.
  • One should not take this medicine without consulting the doctor.
  • Children should not be given this medicine without consulting the doctor.
  • Patients should not self-adjust the dose and take prescribed quantity of the medicine.
  • It is also not safe to share this medicine with anyone else having the same medical condition.
  • It is suggested to take this medicine after food or with a glass of water in order to avoid the side effect of lose motion.

11) Are there any side effects of taking an expired dose of the zincovit tablet?

Ans: If by mistake one consumes an expired dose of Zincovit, the chances of any harm are very less. Therefore, one should check the expiry date of the zinovit medicine.

12) In what conditions Zincovit tablet should not be taken?

Ans: It is quite safe to take Zincovit, as most of the side effects are associated with overdose.

The zincovit medicine should not be taken in the following conditions:

  • Abrasions
  • Eczema
  • Allergic reactions
  • Anemia
  • Bleeding disorder
  • Patients suffering from calcium deficiency
  • Eye disorder
  • High calcium levels
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Inflamed skin
  • Sensitivity to the drug
  • Intramuscular and intravenous injection of Chromium

13) How should one has to be careful with the dosage of the zincovit?

Ans: One should not overdose the zincovit medicine as it may result in side effects. The moment you remember taking the medicine, take it the very moment. But, if it is time for the next dose then carry it forward to the next schedule. One should not double dose in order to make up the missed dose.

14) How should I take the Zincovit syrup form of the medicine?

Ans: One should take Zincovit syrup as told by the doctor in a measuring cup, anytime either before or after the meal. But it is better to take it after the meal.

15) What are the medicines that should not be taken with Zincovit Tablet?

Ans: It is recommended not to take the following medicines With Zincovit:

  • Amiodarone
  • Arsenic trioxide
  • Antidiabetic drugs Actinomycin
  • Alendronate
  • Allopurinol
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Aspirin
  • Atorvastatin

16) What are the storage requirements for Zincovit?

Ans: It is advised to avoid moisture prone places for storage. Keep the drug away from direct sunlight and children and pets.

17) What are the protips to be taken care of while consuming Zincovit?

Ans: Following are some of the tips to be kept in mind while taking the drug:

  • It is advised not to consume alcohol till 3 days of the last dosage of the tablet.
  • Don’t share the medication with anyone even if the other patient has a similar medical condition
  • It’s recommended to discuss the health condition, medical history, and allergies if any, before the intake of the drug
  • To avoid an upset stomach, consume the drug after a glass of milk and food.
  • It’s not recommended to self prescribe the dosage. Take it as prescribed by a doctor

18)What is the medicine used to treat?

Ans: Zincovit is used to treat conditions such as Decrease in appetite, hair loss, acne, and high blood pressure Normal functioning of the heart, Vitamin a deficiency, Magnesium deficiency in blood, Normal functioning of cells, Rapid reversion to normal heart rate, Carbohydrate metabolism, Skeletal development, Cartilage development, Leg pain due to blocked arteries, Selenium deficiency, Esophageal cancer, Liver disease, Yeast infections, Osteoarthritis, Type 2 diabetes, Lipid metabolism and more.

19) Is it able to treat mental disorder?

Ans: No, it is a dietary supplement so it can't be used to treat mental disorders.

20) Can I use Zincovit Tablet for the treatment of acne?

Ans: It’s good to consult a doctor to use Zincovit tablet for the treatment of acne.

21) Can I immediately ween off taking the tablet?

Ans: Some drugs can’t be tapered without asking a doctor. So it’s advised to ask a doctor before the intake or stopping the medicine. However, this is a multi-vitamin tablet and can be stopped without having consult a doctor.

22) What is the available form of Zincovit?

Answer: Zincovit is a dietary supplement and is available in listed below forms:

  • Zincovit Syrup
  • Zincovit Drop
  • Zincovit CL Syrup
  • Zincovit Tablet

23) What are the contradictions of the zincovit tablet?

Ans: Hypersensitivity is the prominent contradiction of the medicine. It is advised to stop taking the medicine and consult a doctor if the patient is suffering following conditions:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Anemia
  • Acute dermatitis
  • Acute eczema
  • Allergic to selenium

24) At what frequency can I take zincovit tablet?

Ans: It is reported that this drug can be consumed twice a day or once a day or as per prescribed by the doctor. It is advised to go as peer doctor advice.

25) Should I use Zincovit before food or after food?

Ans: It is usually taken shortly after food. However, it is not known how to take the medicine it is suggested to take zincovit as per doctor’s advice.

26) Can I use it to treat autoimmune inflammatory disorders?

Ans: No, it cannot be used in the treatment of autoimmune inflammatory disorders. Autoimmune disorders are treated under the guidance of a doctor. ZIncovit may or may not be prescribed as a supplement along with the other medicines.

27) Is zincovit tablet has any habit forming aptitude?

Ans: No, Zincovit tablet is not habit forming.

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